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10Pcs 11mm x 19cm Clear Melt Glue Adhesive Sticks Environmental Adhesive Strip

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:It is translucent with adhesive, non-toxic, easy to operate, with rapid adhesion, high strength, anti-aging. Widely used

2 In 1 Selfie Sticks Tripod Stand Adjustable Remote Extendable Desktop Stand Holder LED Light bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone Huawei

Precise details:Specifications:Color:White / Black / Pink Material:ABS + Stainless steelBrightness:3 LevelsBluetooth Effective Range:10mRechargeable lamp battery:polymer lithium batteryBattery capacity of light compensating

50pcs Plastic Welding Rods ABS/PP/PVC/PE Welding Sticks

Products Name:Product id:–> 50pcs PVC ABS PP PE Welding Rods Features:●Easy to use. ●Excellent surface finish ●Sufficient thermal stability ●Non-toxic,

50PCS Plastic Welding Rods ABS/PP/PVC/PE Welding Sticks 200mm for Plastic Welding

Features:Non-toxic, tasteless. Resistant acid, alkali, and corrosion resistant. Easy to use. ABS welding rods used for Battery car’s shell /

50PCS Plastic Welding Rods PPR PP PVC Plastic Welding Sticks with Corrosion Resistance

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Non-toxic, tasteless, low density. Resistant acid, alkali, and corrosion resistant. Has good electrical properties and high frequency

5400mAh Cordless DIY Hot Melt Glue Guns Hot Glue Guns with Sticks USB Rechargeable Melting Glue Gun Kit for Kids DIY Arts Crafts Projects

Hot Melt Glue Gun+Glue Sticks(20/50/100 PCS) Set Cordless Rechargeable Hot Glue Applicator Home Improvement Craft Kit Main Features:【Cordless】 Built-in rechargeable lithium

5PCS Telescoping Roasting Sticks Barbecue Spit Forks Sausage BBQ Barbecue Tool

Features:-Simple design, Compact, 30.5 inch telescoping forks Skewers – the handles have adjustable lengths which fit is pretty tight in

bluetooth Mini Expandable Selfie Sticks Live Stream Holder Shrink Tripod Stand Monopod Self-Timer for iPhone IOS Android

Precise details:Features:- Wireless connection, without cable annoyance.- One-key operation camera shutter, convenient to use.- Aluminum alloy extension stick, oxidation resistance,

Electric Hot Melt Glue Tool Heating Trigger Adhesive Sticks Craft DIY Repair

Features:▶ Hot glue tool adopt independent power design, AC and DC heating mode support cordless or cord to use. You

Glow Sticks Neon Light Party Bracelets (100 PCS)

Make your party even cooler by handing out these glow sticks to bring some color
It gives off bright and vibrant neon colors that will help hype things up
They are durably flexible so you can easily turn it into bracelets, a necklace, and more
Glowing Time: 2-3hrs
Size: 20cm x 0.5cm
Package Contents:

100 x Glow Sticks Neon Light Party Bracelets

Incense Sticks Backflow Incense Cones

Specially made incense cones that allow the flow of smoke downwards to mimic flowing water or fog on specially designed incense burners
Each cone has a burning time of 10-15 minutes
Size: 2.8 x 1.2cm (H x W)
Quantity: 70pcs/pack
Variants: Mixed; Cape Jasmine; India incense; Jasmine; Lavender; Lily; Magnolia; Nigth Willow Herb; Ocean; Apple; Rose; Sandalwood; Sakura; Tulips; Peony; Osmanthus; Lotus; Lemon Ambergris; Green Tea.
Package contents: 1 pack Incense Sticks Backflow Incense Cones

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extendable Forks

You can use it so you can roast from a safe distance, safe for kids to use
Ideal for making the perfect skewers, sausages, hot dogs and even vegetables or fruits
Easy to clean, no rusting, and no more hot handles
Materials: Stainless Steel and Wood
Size: Handle Length (Including the cap): 5.12"; Extending Length: 32"; Shortening Length: 11.8"; Prong Distance (Adjustable): 1.2"
Package Includes:

8 x Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extendable Forks
1 x Bag