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10KG-50KG Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Trainer Hand Power Exerciser Gripper

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10KG-50KG Carbon Steel Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener Trainer Hand Power Exerciser Gripper

Specifications:Material:carbon steel/pvc Size:17*12.5cm Power weight:from 10KG-50KG Features:It is portable and light weight, not restricted by time and space; It can

5pcs Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller Repellent Training Device Trainer Dog

Description:This is ultrasonic pet dog repeller repellent training device trainer dog Train all kinds of dogs such as that are

Adjustable Hand Grip Trainer Gripper Strengthener Gym Wrist Strength Exerciser

Adjustable Hand Grip Trainer Gripper Strengthener Gym Wrist Strength Exerciser Specification:Model Name:E32487 Product Name:Hand Grip Condition:New Material:Aluminium alloy Color:Silver Quantity:1pc

Bicycle Trainer Stand Adjustable Resistance

Do not let uncontrollable situations stop you from your training, use this bicycle training stand so you can still train indoors
It has six adjustable speed levels, it's easy to mount, it is stable and very durable
It is perfect for those who train for cycling competitions and triathlon
Suitable for 26-28" 700C Wheel / Resistance Adjustment: 6 Levels
Size: 40 x 54.5 x 43 cm / Max. Capacity: 135 kg / Weight: 10.15 kgs
Package Content:

1 x Bicycle Trainer Stand

Bike Roller Indoor Cycling Trainer

Get this bike roller and ride your bike inside your house for those days when you can't ride outside
This bike roller does not make any noise when you use it, it's also foldable so this makes it easy to keep
It has a stable foot pedal stand you can stand on and its rollers are adjustable as well to your preference
Material: Aluminium Alloy + ABS

Blue Bike Roller

Weight: 8.3kg
Size: 135 x 46 x 12cm or 53.15 x 18.1 x 5.12 in
Suitable for: 24-29inch bikes/700c road bicycles

Red Bike Roller

Weight: 10.2kg
Size: 145 x 51.5 x 10.5cm or 57 x 20.3 x 4.1 in
Suit for: 24-29inch 700c mountain bike

Package Per Variant:

Blue Bike Roller Indoor Cycling Trainer:

6 x Screw
3 x Roller
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Driving Belt
1 x Tool
2 x Roller Bracket (Left bracket and Right bracket)

Red Bike Roller Indoor Cycling Trainer:

1 x Bike Roller Platform

Bike Roller Trainer Indoor Exercise

This bike roller trainer is perfect to use in riding your bike inside your house
You can now do cardio exercise indoors with the use of your bike and this trainer

Ideal for bikes that have a wheel diameter of 26 to 29 inches and 700C bicycles
Material: ABS plastic, aluminum alloy

Dimensions: 12 x 46 x (82-135)cm / Weight: 8.8kg (whole package)
Package content:

1 x Bike Roller Trainer Indoor Exercise

Bike Trainer Roller Indoor Cycling

This bike trainer roller is a heavy-duty, durable, and stable bicycle training tool. Silent rollers too!
It lets you train cycling indoors. Realistic feel and it's almost like you are biking on roads and not on a rolling platform
It's quick and easy to install. It's also foldable, lightweight, easy to carry, and very portable
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic / Weight: 8.3 kg / Suitable for 24-29" wheels 700C Bicycles
Size (Expanded): 135 x 36.5 x 13 cm / Adjustable Length: 980 - 1100 mm / Folded Size: 82 cm
Package Content:

1 x Bike Trainer Roller

Chopstick Trainer Kids Utensil Helper

You or your child can learn how to use the chopsticks better by using this chopstick trainer to improve
This chopstick trainer does not separate so it makes it easier for the user to handle this
It has an adorable design that is perfect for kids and it has this cat figurine on the edge of the chopstick
Material: Silicone + melamine
Size: (Length x Width x Thickness)  21.5 x 3.5 x 1.9cm
Package Content:

1 x Chopstick Trainer Kids Utensil Helper (Pair)

Electrostimulation Fitness Trainer for Muscles

Achieve your dream body in the fastest way
Save your money, you don't have to have a professional help
Spend only 30 minutes of training
Equipped with Electric Muscle Stimulation Technology
Powered by AA battery
Package includes: 3 x device, 3 x pad, 1 x user manual

EMS Hip Trainer Buttocks Thigh Workout

Now you can finally improve your hips and buttocks even when you are attending to other tasks, thanks to this EMS Hip Trainer
You can now achieve more toned buttocks and wider hips if you use this trainer regularly
It is very easy to use and you can easily adjust the intensity
Material: PU Leather/Controller Power Supply: 2 x AAA Battery 1.5V (Not Included)
Output: Max. 9.8mA/Working Time: 12 Minutes(Per installation time)
Patch Size: 26cm x 18.8cm/Controller size: 7.8cm x 6cm x 2.1cm
Package Content:

1 x Hip Trainer Patch
1 x Controller

Fight Ball Boxing and MMA Speed Trainer

Practice your jab, straight, and hooks and improve your reflex and agility when you use this fight ball regularly! This is a sports accessory that you will use when you are training for boxing and MMA
Caution: It is an addicting training accessory because you will have fun playing with the ball as you train
It is also a great exercise if you want to lose weight and tone your arms and upper body muscles
Material: PU Ball/PU Ball Weight: 19g/Rope Length: 80cm