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1/4” Mini Air Regulator Valve Pressure Gauge Trap Adjustable w/Nozzle

Specifications:Material:Metal Color:Red Size:approx. 48 x 60mm Diameter:approx. 40mm Thread:1/4″ BSP Threads (13mm) Feature:- Durable and utility. – Easy to install

4Pcs Corner Acoustic Bass Trap Acoustic Foam for Wall Soundproof Sponge Absorption

Features:Features with Flame retardant; Soft sponge, no dust, high density; The sound effects, suitable for studio and KTV etc; Sound-absorbing

Aquarium Snail Trap Plastic Device

This Aquarium Snail Trap is safe for fishes as it uses a natural way to catch snails
It simply lures in snails using bait for a hassle-free and effective snail-catching
The trap has a suction cup at the bottom for easy installation and removal
Material: Plastic
Size Variants:

S: Bottom Diameter: 6cm / Height: 4cm
L: Bottom Diameter: 8cm / Height: 6cm

Package Contents:

1 x Aquarium Snail Trap

Bee Trap Hanging Insect Catcher

The Bee Trap Hanging Insect Catcher can be used to catch wasps, flies, and hornets
It is easy to use and doesn't harm the bees; It is eco-friendly and has a transparent design
It has a simple hanging design; The top can be separated from the bottom
Material: PS(top), PP (bottom)
Size: 11.2 x 8.2 x 8.2cm
Package Contents:

1 x Bee Trap Hanging Insect Catcher

Bird Trap Mesh Net Bird Catcher

This Bird Trap can be used to catch all bird species that are small to medium in size It is a harmless trap that doesn’t kill birds. Instead, it only temporarily holds them The trap is easy to use durable, and it is reusable as well Material: Polyethylene Mesh, Steel Frame Size (LxW): 49 x 30 cm Package Contents: 1 x Bird Trap

Bug Killer USB Mosquito Trap Lamp

With enhanced 7-blade vortex rotating in a high-speed to trap mosquitoes
360-degree surround glow and very quiet operation
Portable design with removable parts for easy cleaning
Power Source: USB / UV Wave Band: 368 nm / Input Voltage: 5V/500 mA
Size: 120 x 120 x 220 mm / Weight: 460 grams / Materials: ABS, PC, leather
Package List:

1 x Bug Killer USB Mosquito Trap Lamp

Bug Sucker Insect Trap with LED Flashlight

A rechargeable bug sucker vacuum with a flat nozzle and a long tube for convenient bug-catching
It comes with a built-in LED flashlight at the bottom so you can see bugs even in the dark
No poison and harmful chemicals; No need to kill bugs, you just trap them and throw them away
Has a built-in 3.7V rechargeable battery
Charging Mode: USB Cord / Power: 3.7V (3.6-5V) / Maximum Power: 15W
Input voltage: 110-230V Universal / Product size: 44.5 x 4.2 cm / Weight: 0.29 kg

Cockroach Killer Ant Spider Trap (Set of 10)

Effective cockroach and other pests killer trap
Simply peel the sticker pad and add the food bait
Place where pests appear often
Safer than insecticides and other toxic traps
Also attracts, mice, centipede, ants, flies, spiders, and many more

Cockroach Trap Reusable Pest Catcher

The Cockroach Trap attracts cockroaches through a bait and traps them inside the mechanism
It is reusable and a great alternative to sprays; It is much safer, non-toxic and odorless
It has a space-efficient design; It is transparent to allow easy monitoring
Material: PC Plastic
Size: 14 x 14 x 4.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Cockroach Trap

Crab Trap 4-Layer Multipurpose Net

The Crab Trap 4-Layer Multipurpose Net can also be used for catching shrimps, fishes and more It is collapsible which saves space; It is also lightweight for convenient traveling It is easy to use and high-quality Material: Steel Wire, Nylon Mesh / Weight: 258g Size: 25cm x 50cm Package Contents: 1 x Crab Trap 4-Layer Multipurpose Net

Electric Fly Trap USB Device

The Electric Fly Trap USB Device is energy-saving, effective, and convenient to use
It has a transparent base for easy monitoring; It's a great alternative to toxic fly sprays
It collects flies the hassle-free way; It is easy to clean and rechargeable
Material: Plastic Material
Charging Port: USB Interface
Package Contents:

1 Set Electric Fly Trap

Electric Mouse Trap Pest Control

This Electric Mouse Trap is an effective pest controller that is easy to use
It is ideal for homes, warehouses, restaurants and other places with many rats
Convenient to use and has an easy-to-clean design which is space-efficient
Material: ABS/ Weight: 530g
Power Source: 4 x C-Type Batteries or Power Adapter(DC6V/1A)
Size: 235 x 102 x 113mm
Package Contents:

1 x Electric Mouse Trap