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100W UHF-J Coaxial Load 50Ω UHF RF Terminal Load DC to 1GHz Frequency Range

Specification:Model:UHF Coaxial Load Power:100W Impedance:50Ω Standing wave ratio:≤1.20 Frequency range:DC to 1GHz Temperature characteristics:-55°C ~ +125°C Interface:U-type male Package Included:1 x Coaxial

220V Wireless UHF 2 Channel Dual Handheld Microphone Mic System Karaoke KTV

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Super silent function, low T H.D. So the bass is rich, mediant is brightness and all is

25W UHF Load DC-1GHz Frequency Range 50Ω PL259 Connector RF Terminal Dummy Load

Specification:Model:UHF Coaxial Load Power:25W Impedance:50Ω Standing wave ratio:≤1.20 Frequency range:DC to 1GHz Temperature characteristics:-55°C ~ +125°C Interface:UHF-type male Package Included:1 x Coaxial RF

4 Channel Wireless Microphone Mic System UHF Dual Handheld Karaoke

Features:4 channels can work without interference at the same time. Individual Volume Control on each Channel. Perfect operation status indicater.

BAOBAOMI JD-200 UHF IR Professional Wireless Microphone System Karaoke Dual Handheld Mic for Stage KTV

Specification:Frequency range:UHF600-699MHz Modulation type:Broad FM Adjusted Range:25MHz Channels:2 x 50 Channel spacing:500KHz Frequency stability:within ±0.005% Dynamic range:100dB Max offset frequency:±45KHz

BAOBAOMI TF-105 Professional UHF Wireless Frquency Lavalier Microphone for Audio Vlog Recording Intervierw Teaching

Precise details:Features:-Powerful UHF frequency. The wireless headset/lap microphone system has powerful wireless signals,is not susceptible to electrical interference, and signal

Baobaomi WM-1 Universal Wireless UHF USB Receiver KTV DJ Microphone for Mobile Phone PC

Specifications:Receiver:Operating frequency range:UHF500-599MHz Frequency stability:within +/- 0.005% Dynamic rage:100dB Max frequency deviation:+/-45KHz Audio response:80Hz-18KHz Integrated signal to noicse ratio:>105dB Comprehensive

BOYA BY-WM6S UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Omnidirectional Compatible with Smartphone Mic for DSLR Cameras Interviews

Specifications: Channel number:48Oscillator type:PLL synthesizerCarrier frequencies:556.710-575.980MHzReference deviation:+/-5KHZ(-60dBV, 1KHz input)Signal to noise ratio:82dB or moreRF output power:10mWDistortion:0.1% or lessAntenna:1/4λ wire antennaHeadphone output

BOYA RX8 Pro Dual Channel Wireless Receiver UHF 48 Bodypack for Transmitter BY-WXLR8 BY-WHM8 BY-WM8 TX8 Pro Microphone System

Specifications: ReceiverAntenna:1/4λ wire antennaAudio input connector:3.5mm mini-jackSignal-to-noise ratio:70 dB or moreDistortion:0.5% or lessHeadphone output level:30mW (16 Ω)Audio output level:–60 dBVPower supply:

COMICA BoomX-U U2 UHF 1 to 2 Wireless Camera Microphone System for SLR Camera Camcorder for iOS Android Smartphone Lavalier Lapel Collar Mic for PC Laptop

Specifications:Transmitter (TX):Antenna:PCB antenna Microphone directivity:omnidirectionalMicrophone frequency response:80Hz ~ 20kHz Sound delay:less than 20ms External input interface:3.5mm TRSBattery:lithium polymer 600mAh 3.7

COMICA BoomX-U UHF Wireless 1 to 1 Microphone System Camera Microphone for SLR Camera Camcorder for iOS Android Smartphone Lavalier Lapel Collar Mic for PC

Specifications:Transmitter (TX):Antenna:PCB antennaMicrophone directivity:omnidirectionalMicrophone frequency response:80Hz ~ 20kHzSound delay:less than 20msExternal input interface:3.5mm TRSBattery:lithium polymer 600mAh 3.7VLifetime:6 hoursDimensions:49 x 22

COMICA CVM-WM100 PLUS UHF 48 Channels Mono Stereo Real-Time Monitoring Wireless Microphone System for Canon for Nikon DSLR Camera Camcorder

Specifications:Brand:COMICAModel:CVM-WM100Hand-held Transmitter Channel:48Duration:6 HoursSignal/Noise:>65dBTransmit power:10dBm/15dBmAntenna:PCB AntennaStray Radiation:<-60dBcSound Delay:<20msAudio Distortion:<0.5%Battery:AA batteries×2pcsSize:Φ 53.5(max)x253mmOperating Temperature:0℃ ~ +50℃Storage Temperature:-20℃ ~ +60℃TransmitterChannels:48Wireless Frequency:568~592MHzLifetime:6 hoursAntenna:1/4 wavelength wire