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Ukulele Guitar Soprano Size

A small musical instrument that produces a soothing and calming sound
Portable and admirable. You can enjoy playing this guitar anytime anywhere
It allows you to play comfortably without any hassle

Material: Top, Back, Side Board & Neck: Basswood / Fingerboard: Rosewood / Strings: Nylon

Size: 21 inches / Weight: approx. 422g
Package Includes: 1 x Ukulele Guitar Soprano Size

Ukulele Picks Felt Picks (5pcs)

These Ukulele Picks are perfect for beginners and kids as it lessens finger pain
They are soft and semi-flexible so they are able to produce softer melodies
The picks are washable, lightweight and comfortable to hold and grip too
Material: Felt / Weight: 2g
Size: 3 x 2.5 x 0.3 cm
Package Contents:

5 x Ukulele Picks

Ukulele Soprano Beginners Set

Smallest in size, easy to use and carry
Comfortable to hold and use perfect for beginners
Lightweight and excellent to the touch
Materials: Basswood, nylon strings
Size: 53cx 18 x 6 cm
Package List:

1 x Ukulele for Beginners Guitar Set
1 x Nylon strings
1 x Pick (random color)