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2pcs Windshield Wiper Water Spray Jet Nozzle for Suzuki Swift Alto SX4 Liana

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:2pcs Windshield wiper water spray jet nozzle fit for Suzuki Swift Alto SX4 Liana. Specification:Color:Black Size:33mm x

Eyeglass Cleaner Portable Wiper

An eyeglass cleaner that gently cleans the lenses of your spectacles
Gets rid of grime, fingerprint smudges, and dirt of your lenses
Fits the contours of the frames
Made of plastic and microfiber cleaner
Dimensions: Approx. 7cm x 2cm x 2cm/2.76" x 0.79" x 0.79"
Package contents: 1 x Eyeglass Cleaner Portable Wiper

Glass Window Dust Wash Scraper Wiper Cleaning Sponge Tool Car Windshield Squeegee Washing Cleaner

Description:Glass Window Dust Wash Scraper Wiper Cleaning Sponge Tool Car Windshield Squeegee Washing Cleaner Specification:Material:PP Color:Green White Features:- Wiper strip, 

Glass Window Wiper Cleaner Bathroom Shower Squeegee Mirror Screen Tile

Glass Window Wiper Cleaner Bathroom Shower Squeegee Mirror Screen Tile Specification:Material:Stainless Steel Type:Rubber Brushed on One Side Size of Wiper:L*W/25*17cm/9.84*6.69”

Glass Wiper Telescopic Window Cleaner

The Glass Wiper Telescopic Window Cleaner is foldable and adjustable
The tool is rotatable which allows easy cleaning from all angles
It has a comfortable-to-grip handle for better overall control on the tool
Material: AS, ABS, Stainless Steel/ Adjustable Size: 88-133cm
Minimum Length: 64 cm/ Maximum Length: 190 cm
Package Contents:

 1 x Glass Wiper Telescopic Window Cleaner

Kaisi Soft Cleanroom Wiper Cleaning Non Dust Cloth Dust Free Paper Clean LCD Repair Tool 50Pcs 200Pcs

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Super power for wipping up dust. Very soft and harmless on surface. High absoption of water. No

Self Absorbing Glass Window Wiper Cleaning Tool

Self-absorbing glass window cleaner
Pressing the handles together will discard the water absorbed
Very portable and convenient to use
Made of high-quality microfiber cloth
Great for car, bathroom, and home use
Simple and lightweight, can be carried anywhere you go
Volume capacity: 35 grams

Solid Car Wiper Cleaner

A multi-purpose tablet that could aid customers in so many ways. The product is environmentally friendly. It does not cause any irritation in the skin so you do not have to worry about side effects. Item weighs 2 grams. Blue is the color of the product. When used in fabric, it makes the fabric fresh and free from stains.

Stainless Steel Squeegee Glass Window Wiper Cleaner Mirror Tile Bathroom Shower

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Suction Cup for hanging Blade after cleaning Hanging hook for hanging the blade stably. Ideal for use

Windscreen Wiper Arm Removal Tool Window Glass Windshield Puller Remover

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:1. Model:LAMA 2. Color:Black and silver 3. Material:Metal and Plastic Features:1. Suitable for straight and splined spigots

Wiper Blade Cutter DIY Tool

Repair rather than to replace is what this wiper blade cutter is all about!
It's a handy blade cutter that sharpens the wiper so that it cleans the windshield better
It's reusable so you can use it over and over again even with your other cars
Suitable with all original windshield wiper blades
Size: 6.5cm x 4.4cm x 3.7cm/2.56" x 1.73" x 1.45" (Approx.)
Material: ABS
Package Content:

1 x Wiper Blade Cutter + 1 x Cleaning Sponge

Wiper Blades Universal Repair Tool

A restoration tool for wiper blades; save money from buying new ones
Easy to use; just run it along the tool's slit to smoothen the edges of the wiper blades
Light and compact; easy to store away; works on all types of wiper blades
Size: 7 x 3 x 3cm/2.8 x 1.2 x 1.2" (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 0.03kg/1.1oz
Package contents:
1 x Wiper Blades Universal Repair Tool
1 x Storage Bag