1.2G Enhanced Wireless Camera Kit with AV Radio Receiver and All-inclusive Power Supply


1.2G Wireless Camera Kit Radio AV Receiver With Power Supply
1.2G Enhanced Wireless Camera Kit with AV Radio Receiver and All-inclusive Power Supply $30.99

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Overview: Our Enhanced 1.2G Wireless Camera ⁢Kit includes a Radio AV ​Receiver and a Power Supply.‌ Primarily used for security monitoring and various surveillance applications, this‍ kit ⁢is expertly‍ constructed ⁢to help mitigate unforeseen‌ incidents.


  • Wireless ⁤Functionality: Operates wirelessly, providing easy ⁣installment and usage facilitated by its compact ⁣and lightweight design.
  • Exceptional ⁢Portability: The small ‌size ⁣and ⁢minimal power requirements make for⁤ a transportable and⁣ eco-friendly camera kit.
  • High Sensitivity⁤ and Subtlety: Features high sensitivity for ​capturing clear, detailed images and a design​ that can⁢ be ​easily​ concealed, fitting ‌a wide range ‌of surveillance ‌applications.
  • Advanced Technology: Equipped with ⁣a 1/3 CMOS color sensor and⁤ operates within the 0.9-1.2GHz frequency range, offering unambiguous audio and video⁢ transmission.
  • Stable Frequency‌ Control: ​The stable ⁢functioning and ‍performance is ensured by the CPU frequency locking technology.
  • Compatibility: Supports‍ both PAL/CCIR and NTSC/EIA standards, ​providing versatility across various regions.
  • High Resolution: Delivers high-quality images with a resolution ⁢of 628×582 (PAL) and 510×492 (NTSC).
  • Low-Light Performance: Able to capture clear footage ​even in poorly lit environments ‍due to a minimum ⁢illumination level of 3 Lux.
  • Efficient Power Use: The device operates⁤ on DC9V, ⁣consuming less​ power​ and ensuring durable performance without excessive⁣ energy consumption.
  • Compact Size: The dimensions of⁢ the kit make for discreet placement‌ and easy concealment.


  • Image Sensor: 1/3 CMOS color
  • Frequency‍ Range: 0.9-1.2GHz, wireless,⁢ with audio support
  • Frequency ​Stability: Controlled by CPU⁤ frequency lock
  • Video Standards: PAL/CCIR NTSC/EIA
  • Resolution: PAL: 628×582; NTSC: 510×492
  • Horizontal Definition: 380 lines
  • Minimum Illumination: 3 ⁢Lux
  • Scan Frequency: PAL/CCIR: ‍50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz
  • Sensitivity: +18DB – AGL ON-OFF
  • Output Power: 50 – 300mW
  • Transmission ⁤Distance: 50 – 100M (unobstructed)
  • Power Requirement: DC9V
  • Current Consumption: 200mA
  • Dimensions: ‌25x35x15mm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 1.2GHz Security Wireless ‌CMOS Color Video & Audio Camera
  • 1 ⁣x ‌1.2GHz Security Wireless⁤ Radio AV Receiver
  • 1 x Power⁤ Supply
  • 1 x RCA​ Cable

Our 1.2G Wireless Camera Kit offers surveillance flexibility and reliability for home security, ⁣business ⁤premise monitoring, or creative projects, promising superior performance and user-friendly operation.