1-Ounce High-Quality Kitchen Turkey Baster Tool


This Turkey Baster is convenient to use and can be used for other types of meat as well
It has measurement markings up to one ounce and easily dispenses liquid
Its length is long enough to keep the hands away from the hot pan while basting
Material: Plastic /  Capacity: 1 Ounce
Size: 29 cm x 5.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Turkey Baster

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Turkey Baster 1-Ounce Kitchen Tool
1-Ounce High-Quality Kitchen Turkey Baster Tool $18.90

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Product Description:

Introducing the Turkey Baster 1-Ounce Kitchen Tool, the perfect aid for perfecting your turkey or pork dishes. This versatile kitchen tool addresses common issues encountered when marinating large pieces of meat such as inconsistent flavoring. It ensures that your meat cooks evenly, soaking all sides in your choice of spices for a uniformly delicious result.

Ease of Use:

Many people resort to using spoons or spatulas to baste their meats. However, these metal utensils heat up quickly and only carry a limited amount of juice or marinade. This Turkey Baster Kitchen Tool on the other hand, can carry up to one ounce of marinade, reducing the need for constant refills. It operates simply through a press-action mechanism. Press the rubber tip to draw in the marinade, then squeeze it to dispense.

In-Built Measurements:

An additional feature of this kitchen tool is the included measurements. This allows you to accurately measure how much marinade you need, ensuring efficient utilization of your ingredients. The transparent design also allows an instant view of the contents, making it easier to refill.

Safety and Cleaning:

With its elongated design, this baster keeps your hands at a safe distance from the hot pan while you baste the meat. It also ensures easy cleanup after preparation as it is dishwasher-safe. This practical and effective kitchen tool enhances your cooking experience and elevates your dishes to professional quality.