10-in-1 Butane Soldering Iron Kit for Jewelry Welding


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10 In1 Butane Soldering Iron Set Welding Kit Jewelry Component Welding
10-in-1 Butane Soldering Iron Kit for Jewelry Welding $34.00

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Revolutionize‍ your soldering experience with our ⁤10-in-1 electronic ignition ⁤gas soldering iron that features an automated ignition! This nifty tool is designed for ultimate convenience and high usability, operating on lighter ‌gas so you can take it ‍wherever your projects ⁣take you.

While the soldering tool is small ⁣and easy to carry, ‌it doesn’t compromise on ⁢versatility.⁣ This tool can easily be converted into a welding machine, a soldering iron, and ⁣more by simply changing the connector. It’s an ⁣ideal tool for DIY enthusiasts and professional engineers alike!

With a unique ​pen-style ⁤design, superior capacity, and flawless performance, this soldering⁤ iron is‍ designed to impress. It boasts an easy-to-use ​autoignition feature, freeing you from⁢ the hassle ‍of manual lighting.​ Its⁤ compact and lightweight structure makes it ‍a‌ breeze to transport. Plus, with gas as its power source, you ⁤can work freely without needing⁣ access to power outlets.

This⁤ all-in-one tool can be⁣ used as a standard soldering iron, a heat gun, or even a ⁤flame gun. ⁢With a transparent design, it’s easy to keep an eye on the gas level. ​

Product ⁢specifics:
Name: 10 in 1 Butane Gas ​Soldering ‌Iron Set
Material: Handles made ⁢of plastic
Size: 3 23cm
Case⁣ Size: 24.5
13 *⁣ 5.5cm
Color: Grey and⁣ Black
Material: Plastic
Filling Capacity: ‌26ml
Flame Temperature: 1300°C
Solder Iron ​Temperature: ⁢450°C
Hot Blast Temperature: 500°C
Use Time:30-40 Minutes

Suitable for use in:

  • Laboratory research.
  • Kitchen or bakery tool production.
  • Equipment maintenance in factories.
  • Welding requirements in automotive, truck, aviation‍ repair, ​and⁣ hydropower projects.
  • Repairs in electrical appliances and control boxes.
  • Electrical and IC board welding repairs.
  • Welding repairs in household and outdoor projects.
  • Component welding.
  • Maintenance ⁣in‌ the jewelry, eyewear,​ and plastic cutting industries.

Note: The product does not​ come​ pre-filled ⁢with gas. Please ⁣refill it before⁤ use and do not use ⁤it with​ direct fire. Manual measurements may slightly differ from actual product dimensions.
Package includes: 1 x Blow Torch, 1 x Soldering​ Tip, 1 x ‌Hot ⁢Knife Tip, 1 x Needle Point Tip, 1 x Double Edge Tip, 1 x Engraving Tip, 1 x Scoop, 1⁤ x ​Case, 1⁣ x Resin Core Solder, 1 x Cleaning Sponge,‌ 1 x Tray, 1 x⁤ Stand, 1 x Manual

Have a peep through the detailed images provided below for more in-depth ‍understanding: