10-Piece Stubby Gas Lens Pyrex Cup Kit for TIG Welding Torch


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10Pcs TIG Welding Torch Stubby Gas Lens #12 Pyrex Cup Kit for WP-17/18/26 2/32inch
10-Piece Stubby Gas Lens Pyrex Cup Kit for TIG Welding Torch $15.99

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Embrace the versatility our product offers, it is compatible with WP-17 WP-18 WP-26 TIG Welding Torch models. The product is designed to improve the welding experience with most brands such as Rilon, Riland, Jasic, Mitech, Chiry, UNT, Krypton, Longetivity, and Berlan. It is designed to optimally fit all WP-17/18/26 series air cooled welding torches. This includes Lincoln PTA-17 PTA-17V PTA-18 PTA-18V PTW-26 Tig Welding Torches, and Miller Diamondback DB17 DB17V DB26 DB26V DB18 Tig Welding torches.

Why choose our transparent shield cup?

  • Improved Visibility: Enhances visibility for precision welding tasks, where seeing the exact location is crucial. The shield cup also aids in comfortable and precise welding, making it an ideal companion with our precision cold welder, the Fortuneweld PCW220.

  • Improved Gas Flow: Ensures uniform gas flow which can significantly improve the welding quality, not to mention saving at least 30% of gas compared to common ceramic shield cups.

  • Compatibility: Our shield cup is widely compatible with original common spare parts of the TIG torch.

Note: For torch WP9/20/25/24 (shield cup #10) and torch WP17/26/18 (shield cup #12), you will need to purchase an extra O-ring to complete the spare parts.

  • Cost-Effective: Our transparent shield cups are a cost-efficient option. They are more durable than ceramic shield cups since they don’t interact much with the heat.

  • Ease of Assembly: The shield cup is easy to assemble, just push it and ensure it is installed firmly and seamlessly.


  • Avoid usage where spatter is prevalent during the welding process.
  • Don’t knock on the shield cup, even though it is high-temperature-resistant.
  • Use it within the specific welding range. For DC output welding, the maximum current is 170 A, and for AC output welding, the maximum current is 90A.

Package Contains:

  • 1 x #12 Pyrex Glass Cup
  • 1 x 17CB20G Collets Body Stubby Gas Lens
  • 1 x 10N2xS Stubby Collet
  • 6 x Temperature Resistant O-rings
  • 1 x Gas Lens Insulator

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