10PCS Premium Silicone Mini Coaster Pads for Drink Protection


These Silicone Coasters are suitable for both cold and hot beverages
They are flexible and have a waterproof surface for easy cleaning
The coasters have cute fruit designs which allow them to serve as table decors

Material: Silicone / Weight: 10g

Diameter 9cm
Package Contents:

10 x Silicone Coaster

In stock

Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads
10PCS Premium Silicone Mini Coaster Pads for Drink Protection $13.90

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Introducing the Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads, an ideal addition to your dining ware! Designed for everyday use, these coasters offer durability paired with fun aesthetics.

Coasters, considered indispensable for numerous homes, aim to prevent stains on your tables. Drinks, particularly icy ones, can create perspiration that seeps from the vessel to your table or placemats. Some of these liquid stains are tough to eradicate. By using our coasters, you can ensure the longevity of your tables and placemats by avoiding spills and drops before they happen.

Silicone Material

These coasters stand out due to their silicone construction, in contrast to the common plastic or fabric coasters. As fabric coasters possess a tendency to absorb moisture, they may become soaked and less effective at stain prevention, unlike silicone coasters. Furthermore, silicone coasters are easier to clean due to their non-absorbent nature.

Silicone coasters boast flexibility and a moisture-proof surface, allowing for quick clean-up with a simple wipe. They effectively eliminate any moisture or stains present on their surface. Moreover, the anti-slip property of silicone lends additional security against inadvertent slippage of mugs or cups. In contrast, fabric coasters are less stable on surfaces due to their lack of an anti-slip base.

Cute Designs

The charm of our coasters lies in their adorable fruit designs. Far from being mere functional add-ons, our coasters can double up as table decorations. Whether you are hosting special events or casual get-togethers, these coasters can enhance the visual appeal of your table setup. The vibrant colors and appealing designs are a hit among kids as well!

Every set comprises ten uniquely designed coasters ideal for either hot or cold drinks. Experience the perky amalgamation of functionality and aesthetics with our Silicone Coasters 10PCS Mini Pads.