120 Grit Sanding Belt 610x100mm, 4×24 Inch Ring, Abrasive Aluminium Oxide for Sanders


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610x100mm 120 Grit Sanding Belt 4x24 Inch Ring Abrasive Aluminium Oxide For Sanders
120 Grit Sanding Belt 610x100mm, 4x24 Inch Ring, Abrasive Aluminium Oxide for Sanders $5.99

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Product Name: 120⁣ Grit Sanding Belts 610x100MM 4×24″ Ring Abrasive Aluminium Oxide

Description: Unleash the⁤ power of your‍ sander with these 120 Grit sanding‌ belts. Measuring ⁢610x100MM or 4×24″, these belts are‌ designed to fit ⁣a ​variety ‍of sanders.

Color: A rich, ⁣earthy brown
Materials: Crafted from durable aluminium ⁢oxide
Granularity: A fine 120 ‍mesh
Size: Generously sized at ‍610*100mm/24*4in

– Versatility:⁣ These sanding belts‍ are not just for wood. They’re perfect for grinding and⁣ polishing all types‌ of wood, furniture, hardware, and ​even​ non-metal ‌materials.
– Durability: Made ​from aluminium ⁢oxide, these belts ‍are wear-resistant and feature a strong joint. This ⁣ensures they’re‍ safe to use and won’t break apart during your project.
– Efficiency: Designed⁢ for use with various types of⁣ belt machines, ‌these sanding​ belts ‌offer high grinding efficiency and are easy to use.

Package Includes: 1 x Sanding Belt

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