1600W Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun with 2 Speed Nozzles and Extra Rod


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1600W Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun with 2Pcs Speed Welding Nozzle and Extra HE Rod Welding
1600W Plastic Welding Hot Air Gun with 2 Speed Nozzles and Extra Rod $95.15

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Dive into the world of welding with this high-quality, compact and user-friendly welder gun! It’s smartly designed to be portable so you can take it with you anywhere you go. With adjustable temperature and air volume controls you can precision weld with ease.

The superior engine and quality heating elements aid in creating a natural and smooth flow of air. Your soldering tasks are handled with care as it employs a unique approach of not touching the solder joint, preventing the components from moving and avoiding thermal shock.

This powerful gadget is a perfect fit for most surface mount soldering and rework tasks especially desoldering varying shielding box cover boards.

A quick look at the specifications:

Rated Voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz – crafted to cater to your standard voltage requirements.
Max Power: 1600w – Outclasses even 1000w devices!
Adjustable Heating Power: Choose anywhere between 80 to 1500W as per your needs.
Temperature Range: 30-700°C (100-1290°F) – From gently warming to intense heat!
Insulating Intensity:2250V
Air Volume:230L/min – Plenty of air to fuel the process!
Air Pressure: 3000Pa
Plug Type: Fits an EU-style power outlet.
Size: A compact 330 x 30mm, perfect to fit in toolboxes.

The package comes inclusive of:

1 x 1600w Welder Gun for your heavy-duty work.
1 x Spare Heating Element for those long welding sessions.
1 x 6mm Pencil Tip Nozzle and 1 x Flat tip nozzle for precision projects.
1 x Triangle and 1 x Round Speed Welding Nozzle for more specialized needs.
1 x Pressure Silicon Roller to streamline your projects.
1 x English Manual to help with the details.
A handful of PE and PVC plastic rods(approx 5pcs) to get you started.

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