17-Key Wooden Thumb Piano Kalimba


This kalimba produces a clean and vivid sound; perfect for kids and beginners
Have fun learning how to play songs on it to learn about making melodies
It is a musical instrument that’s lightweight and can be taken anywhere
Material: Koa Wood  / Keys: 17 Steel Keys and 2 Vibrato Holes / Number of Tones: 17
Product weight: 0.2630 kg / Variants: 10 Keys; 17 keys
Package Contents: 1 x Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba, 1 x Learning Book; 1 x Tune Hammer; 1 x Cloth Bag;  2 x Thumb Protector; 2 x Sticker; 1 x Bilingual Instruction (English and Chinese)

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Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba
17-Key Wooden Thumb Piano Kalimba $19.99

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The Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba is a distinctive African musical instrument that’s designed for music enthusiasts of all skill levels. The Kalimba is made from a rich, resonant wooden material. Users create melodious tunes by plucking its metal keys or tines. Its design is not only child-friendly but is also ideal for beginners seeking a fun and uncomplicated musical instrument. Its educational value paired with its engaging nature makes it a suitable gift, particularly for children.

The Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba is particularly suited for those desiring to play a musical instrument without the complexity that accompanies many. Often likened to a more compact, simplified piano, this Kalimba is understandably referred to as a thumb piano. Its music production is gentle and soothing, a good fit for listeners seeking a respite from louder, more piercing sounds. The kalimba’s lightweight and portable dimensions allow for sound creation anytime, anywhere.

In terms of quality and user-friendliness, the Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba excels. The Kalimba’s superior Koa wood construction aids in producing exceptional sound fidelity, thanks to the natural resonance of the material. In addition, its portability means that it is easy to carry, enabling users to enjoy its rich tones wherever they might be. Both new users and seasoned musicians will find the Thumb Piano 17-Key Wooden Kalimba enjoyable and engaging.