180A MIG Welding Torch Consumables – Eu Style Nozzle Tips


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15AK Welding Torch Consumables eu Style 180A MIG Torch Nozzle Gaas Tips Guun Holder Wrench Neck for MIG Welding Machine
180A MIG Welding Torch Consumables - Eu Style Nozzle Tips $33.99

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Unveiling our top-tier quality consumables⁣ specifically tailored for Euro MIG style /⁢ MAG welding torch. These premium consumables are designed to ‌be compatible with all varieties ‍of Binzel MB 15AK MIG welding torches, and even some ⁣specialized 24KD torches.

Our contact tips are ‌available in a versatile‌ range of five ⁣different sizes for‍ you to choose from – ‌0.6 / 0.8 / 0.9 / 1 ‍/ 1.2mm ‌or 0.023 / 0.031 / 0.035 / 0.039 ‍/ 0.047​ inches.

You also have ⁤the option to ⁣select from⁤ two diverse packages that we offer:

Package A‍ Includes:

  • Contact ‍Tips: 10 pieces -Pick your size.
  • Gas Nozzle: 5⁣ pieces.
  • Gas Nozzle Holder or‌ Spring Contact Tip Holder: 5⁣ pieces.
  • Swan ‍Neck: 1 piece.
  • Insulation Sleeve:⁣ 2‌ pieces.
  • Key: 1 piece.

Packaged B Includes:

  • Contact‌ Tips: 10 pieces – Choose‌ your size.
  • Gas Nozzle: 10 pieces.
  • Gas Nozzle Holder or ‍Spring Contact Tip Holder: 10 pieces.

For your better understanding, ⁢we ​have provided a⁢ few detailed ‌pictures of our product: