180W Quick Heat Electric Soldering Iron: High-Power Industrial Welding Tool with LED Light


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180W Fast Thermal Electric Soldering Iron Industrial-grade High-power Welding Tools Soldering Guns with LED Light
180W Quick Heat Electric Soldering Iron: High-Power Industrial Welding Tool with LED Light $25.99$37.99

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180W⁢ Quick ​Heating Electric Soldering Iron – Industrial-grade High-power ⁢Welding Equipment with LED Light.​

Discover potent efficiency ​with the‍ 180W Quick​ Heating ‌Electric Soldering ‌Iron. This high-power industrial-grade tool sparks innovation and productivity in ‍the realm of welding.

Its predominant features ⁢include a ⁣high ​temperature-resistant welding wire​ that ‌can endure extensive⁤ use. ‌The LED lighting encourages optimal work conditions even in dim or low-light environments. The ‌comfortable non-slip handle grants⁤ you seamless ‍control over the ‌instrument, featuring ⁣an⁢ easy-on-the-go ⁢switch.

This Soldering Iron facilitates ⁣the swift replacement of the soldering iron tip, leading to improved work productivity. An ⁤ingenious porous heat dissipation ⁣design wards off overheating, ensuring your device stays cool even during prolonged usage.‍ With tool ‍box ‌packaging, you ​can conveniently store and carry your equipment with ease.

Suitably designed to fit numerous work ⁣scenarios – specifically​ tailored for mobile phone ​welding ⁣and chip welding. This product is a necessity for those‍ seeking stellar performance and reliable longevity.


  • Rated⁢ voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: 180W
  • Heating ‌time: 3S
  • Cooling time: 48S
  • Maximum temperature: 200degree Celsius
  • Product color:⁢ (as illustrated in the‌ picture)
  • Plug: EU plug

Package⁢ Contents:

Blister‌ packaging option:

  • 1: 1 x Set of⁢ Soldering Guns

Plastic​ box package option:

  • 2: 1 x Set of ⁣Soldering Guns

  • 1 x Plastic Box



In conclusion…

Rediscover the art of welding ​with the 180W Quick Heating Electric Soldering Iron, where power meets ‌innovation. Embrace ‍an‍ effective temperature-resistant welding wire, swift soldering ‌iron tip ⁣replacement,⁣ and innovative porous heat dissipation‌ design. Welcome to a world of welding like never before!