18V Brushless Electric Impact Wrench Driver Woodwork, Cordless, Rechargeable for Makita Battery


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18V Cordless Rechargeable Electric Impact Wrench Driver Brushless Woodwork For Makita Battery
18V Brushless Electric Impact Wrench Driver Woodwork, Cordless, Rechargeable for Makita Battery $41.99

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Let’s dive into the features of this​ impressive tool:

It offers ‌a colossal torque force of ‍480N.M, promising swift and seamless speed transitions. Boasting powerful keys, it serves multiple functions with ​admirable efficiency. Made from ultra-hard and durable⁣ tungsten steel, the shaft resists wear and tear to stay ‍in great shape even after substantial use.

The versatility​ of this tool makes it a reliable companion​ for construction sites, regular maintenance tasks,‍ and any ⁤woodworking assignments. What sets ⁤it apart is its brushless motor technology, which eliminates ⁤sparks during operation and⁣ prevents motor wear-out for prolonged tool life.

Compatibility: ‌Designed specifically​ for⁤ use with​ Makita batteries (Batteries not included)
Material: Constructed with top-notch Rubber, ABS, and Steel
Color Options: Choose⁤ from ⁣an attractive palette⁣ of Red, Green,‍ Orange, Dark Blue, ⁤and Light Blue.
Input Power: It works‌ on an input​ power of 1580W ‍and ​a rated ​input power of 1280W.
Speed: It operates at⁢ a no-load ⁤speed of 4000 rpm.
Type: Leap scales of functionality with impact wrench and ⁢driver options.
Screw Diameter: Can accommodate a ‌screw diameter of 32.
Maximum⁣ Torque: Delivers a maximum torque ⁢of 588 N.m
Power ⁣Supply: It runs‌ on rechargeable lithium-ion battery technology.
Voltage: Requires⁣ a power supply voltage of 220V.

Ideal for woodworking, framework, and auto repair projects, ⁤this⁣ tool can smoothly‌ produce 588 N.M of torque and operate at 4000 revolutions per minute. It accommodates a maximum mounting and⁢ dismounting screw size of 32mm, has a ⁤1/4mm square head nominal size, ⁤and ⁤generates an impact number of 4000 ipm.

The package includes one electric wrench,​ note that the battery is not included.

Feel⁢ free to explore ​the tool’s physical attributes and distinct features ⁣with the images below:‌