1Pc 220V Electric Heating Tailor Scissors with Adjustable Switch Controller and Stand


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1Pc 220V Adjustable Electric Heating Tailor Scissors With Switch Controller And Stand
1Pc 220V Electric Heating Tailor Scissors with Adjustable Switch Controller and Stand $24.99

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Introducing a brand new, top-tier product of exceptional quality.

Our Electric Heating Scissors are equipped with a Switch Controller, capable of heating the cutting blade to a maximum temperature of approximately 185°. These scissors are perfect for trimming plastic edges, fabric burrs, cutting ribbons, and more. They are lightweight and easy to handle, making them an ideal tool for the Electronic Shear Plastics Industry, Garment Industry, Luggage Industry, and Handbag Industry.

Material: Crafted from durable Manganese Steel
Color: As depicted in the attached picture.
Size: Measures 22.5cm/8.85” x 12cm/4.72”
Blade Length: 8.5cm/3.34”
Wire Length: 2.3M
Power: 180W
Voltage: 220V
Max Temperature: Capable of reaching 185 degrees

1. This product is not suitable for use in humid environments. Ensure the working surface is dry before and after use.
2. To use, switch on the power, turn the power knob, and allow 5-10 minutes for the device to warm up. Use the knob to adjust the temperature.
3. Exercise caution during use – avoid touching the blade to prevent burns.
4. Always remember to switch off the power once you’re done.
5. For optimal performance, do not use the device continuously for more than half an hour. After 30 minutes of use, allow a 20-minute break before resuming. The total usage time in a day should not exceed 3 hours.

Note:1. Please allow a 1-3 cm discrepancy due to manual measurement.
2. Due to varying computer display settings, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from the images provided.

Package includes
1 x Electric Heating Scissors with Switch Controller
1 x Scissors Stand

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