2-Piece Art Supplies Drawing Mannequin Set


The Drawing Mannequin Set is ideal for manga sketching, realistic drawings, paintings and more
It has over 30 articulated joints which allow easy changing of poses
It has intricate details of the face and muscles which helps artists make realistic art pieces
Material: PVC/ Size: Approx. 13-15cm
Package Contents:

1 x Female Body Drawing Mannequin
1 x Male Body Drawing Mannequin

Drawing Mannequin Set Art Supplies (2 pieces)
2-Piece Art Supplies Drawing Mannequin Set $38.09

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Art Supplies – Drawing Mannequin Set

This Drawing Mannequin Set is designed to enhance the precision of your sketches. Perfect for professional artists and beginners alike, these art supplies provide a physical reference point, aiding in accurate scaling and realistic drawing. The necessity of these mannequins is especially evident in hyperrealism, where the artist’s objective is to depict the subject as practically as possible.

Role of the Art Model Mannequin

What makes the drawing mannequin highly effective is its flexibly jointed structure, similar to an action figure. Such a design allows artists to adjust the pose or posture of the model as needed, making it an incredibly useful tool especially for those interested in manga or studies in dynamic movement illustration. Regardless of whether the subject is running, laying down, or in any other posture, the mannequin ensures accurate limb positioning and body proportioning, eliminating common drawing errors like inconsistent limb lengths.

Unique Features

This particular mannequin model scores over several others in the market due to its high-quality construction and the incorporation of intricate details. Unlike most simple, flat mannequins, this model includes detailed facial features and muscles, prompting less reliance on imagination. Another major advantage is the presence of over 30 articulated joints that allow easy bending or transition of pose. Additionally, a hole at the back of each mannequin allows attachment to a stand if necessary.