2000W Adjustable DC Motor Speed Control PWM, 10-50V/40A RC Controller with HHO Functionality


2000W Adjustable DC Motor Speed Control PWM, 10-50V/40A RC Controller with HHO Functionality $13.58

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This product is a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) speed controller designed to control the speed of DC⁤ brush motors. It’s an ideal choice for ​various applications including car motors and DC ⁣heaters and allows for smooth​ adjustment of motor⁤ speed.


This PWM ⁣controller boasts a wide voltage⁢ range⁣ of 10-50V, 40A, and can control motor speed⁢ up ‍to a maximum of 2000W. The product utilizes a PWM Modulation system ​to adjust‍ motor‍ speed from 5-100%. It is​ stable, highly efficient, and operates with minimal noise. ‌

The controller comes with a field-effect tube, drive IC, and 70μm⁣ copper sheet Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which significantly ‌enhance the efficiency ⁣of PWM​ wave output. A Potentiometer is provided for speed adjustment​ and the‍ product is encased in a⁣ protective​ case to ensure durability.

Specific Power Control

Power control varies according to ⁣voltage:
– 12V: 480W
– 24V: 960W
– 36V: 1440W
– 40V: 1600W
– 50V: 2000W

PWM Working Principle

The PWM controller operates by changing the duty ratio of​ the square wave(output). This adjusts the average current power from 0-100%⁢ on load, enabling changes in motor speed ‌or ‌light ⁣brightness.

Main Applications

– Universal DC brush motor speed control
– Control ​motor speed in cars, such as‍ car cooling fan motor, car fan motor,⁣ car windshield wiper motor, air condition fan motor
– Adjust the speed ​of product line conveyors, tube exhaust fans, treadmills, and electric fans
– Regulate ⁣the temperature of DC heaters‌ and the brightness of common DC bulbs


There ⁣are two types of this PWM speed controller:‌ (1) ⁢Potentiometer and (2) Potentiometer ⁣with an external wire for connection. ​

Additional specifications include:

  • Working​ Voltage: DC 10-50V
  • Control Power: 0.01-2000W
  • Rated Current: 40A
  • Quiescent Current: 0.025A
  • PWM Duty Ratio: ⁣5-100%
  • PWM Frequency: 12kHz
  • Working Temperature: -20 to 40℃
  • Item ⁤Sizes:​
    Type 1: 10 ⁢ 5⁢ 2.7cm / ‍3.94 1.97 ‍ ‌ 1.06in
    Type ‌2: 9 5 ‌ 2.5cm / 3.54 1.97 0.98in (with an 18.5cm / ⁣7.28in wire)
  • Item Weights (Without Cover):
    Type 1: 92g / ⁣3.25oz
    Type 2: 97g / 3.42oz
  • Package Size: 10.3 ⁢ 5.3 3.5cm / 4.06 2.09 ​ 1.38in
  • Package Weight:
    Type 1: 139g / 4.9oz
    Type 2:⁤ 142.5g​ / 5.03oz

Package List

Each package includes ⁣one DC Motor ⁤Speed Controller.