20W Cordless DIY Hot Melt Glue Tool with Glue Sticks, 3.6V 2400mah Hand Craft Power Tool


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3.6V 20W Cordless DIY Hot Melt Glue Tool 2400mah Hand Craft Power Tool with Glue Sticks
20W Cordless DIY Hot Melt Glue Tool with Glue Sticks, 3.6V 2400mah Hand Craft Power Tool $19.99

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Discover the convenience of cordless operation with this high-quality glue tool. Powered by a robust lithium battery, this tool features a built-in metal heating element for quick heating and extended lifespan.

Experience efficiency like never before with its thick and long heating body that can heat up to over 150 degrees in just 10 seconds. With a large capacity lithium battery, enjoy 120 minutes of continuous use or up to 6 hours of intermittent use.

Safety is a priority with this tool. It has an intelligent temperature control design that automatically powers off after 10 minutes, preventing the risk of long-term high temperature. The tool also features a copper glue nozzle for smooth and continuous glue application. It’s durable, rust-proof, and designed with a nozzle guard sleeve to prevent high-temperature burns.

Say goodbye to electric shocks with its no power contact feature. The smart power indicator with power display makes it safer to use. The glue stick melts easily when heated, offering high purity, transparent texture, good viscosity, and lasting glue.

This versatile tool is suitable for a wide range of applications including plastics, metals, wood, paper, toys, furniture, leather, DIY projects, and more. It also has an indicator function that shows blue light when in use, red light when charging, and green light when charging is completed.

Color: Blue
Material: ABS
Charging: USB
Charging time: 3h
Warm-up time: 120s
Temperature: 170°C
Battery: Lithium ion
Power: 20W
Rated battery voltage: 3.6V
Battery capacity: 2400mah
Size: 13.5*13.6cm/ 5.3*5.4 in
Applicable glue stick: Diameter 7mm/0.28 in
Application: Jewelry, manual labor, gift boxes, etc.

How to use? (Instructions)
1. Ensure the surface where you need to apply glue is clean.
2. Place the nozzle down on a stable surface using the upper bracket.
3. Insert the glue strip from the glue inlet and push it to the barrel.
4. Turn on the power and preheat until the strip is completely melted.
5. Press the trigger lightly to let the glue flow out naturally.
6. Work is finished.

Package Included:
Type A: 1x Glue Tool, 10x Glue Sticks
Type B: 1x Glue Tool, 20x Glue Sticks
Type C: 1x Glue Tool, 50x Glue Sticks

Check out the detailed pictures below for a closer look at this fantastic tool: