220V 370W Waste Disposer for Food Garbage Sink Disposal with Power Cord


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370W 220V Waste Disposer Food Garbage Sink Disposal Garbage Disposal with Power Cord
220V 370W Waste Disposer for Food Garbage Sink Disposal with Power Cord $155.99

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Description: Introducing a modern solution to food waste disposal – a waste disposer. This innovative appliance is designed to be installed ‍under your kitchen sink, directly connecting ​to the sewer pipe. It offers a new way⁤ to handle food waste, capable of processing​ up to 99% of it. This ⁣not only helps to prevent the growth of harmful germs but also reduces unpleasant kitchen ⁢odors, promoting a healthier home environment.

Material: High-Density Alloy
Voltage: 220v
Power: 370w
Frequency: 50Hz
Motor Speed: 2600 RPM
Size: 350mm*160mm(13.7″x 6.29″ x​ 6.29″)
Color: Black
Weight: 5.3kg

Our Electric Kitchen Waste Disposer is not just convenient,⁢ it’s creatively designed. Its fast and easy mount system ensures a hassle-free installation. ​It features a positive seal stopper, a removable splash baffler, and an ABS waste elbow. It’s also compatible with most standard-size septic tanks for eco-friendly use. Plus, its sound insulation system ensures the running noise is below 20 ⁢decibels, effectively solving issues of irregular shock and noise.

Package Includes:
* 1x​ Garbage Disposal
* 1x Air Switch ​Button
* 2x Pipe
* 1x Elbow Tube
*⁣ 1x Sewage Lid
* 1x Rod
* 1x Manual

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