220V DIY Hot Air Gun – UK Plug, Ideal for Thermal Blowing and Heat Shrinking


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220V 200°C/390°F Soft Clay Hot Air G un Heat Shrinkable Sheet Setting Tool Rubber Stamp DIY Tool Thermal Blower UK Plug
220V DIY Hot Air Gun - UK Plug, Ideal for Thermal Blowing and Heat Shrinking $11.11

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Our product is ‌a versatile tool that caters to both your heating and shrinking ‍needs. It efficiently handles ⁣duties such as providing relief to powdered heat⁢ or ‌shrinking sheets.​ The method is⁤ simple: maintain a 3-5cm distance from the work and heat at about ‌a 45 degree angle ⁤until it’s ​completed. As a finishing touch, blow the heat gun⁢ at‍ a ‍high temperature for a few seconds⁢ more.

Its benefits are twofold – it not only imparts⁤ hardness to the item but endows it ​with an ⁣attractive sheen.‌ Although the temperature is not adjustable,‍ it⁢ compensates by attaining an impressive 200 degree heat in a matter of seconds. Walker’s tip: ​do not operate this wonder tool for over 10 minutes ⁢and always blow at ‌a 45 degree angle to‍ avoid heat suck.⁤

The specifics: Its dual-toned casing is a mix of black and white and ⁤it comes in a durable ABS casing. It functions at a constant temperature,⁤ working up to an impressive 200°C / 390°F within a fleeting few seconds. It is powered by an AC power supply and is rated at⁢ 230V, with 50Hz power. In theory, it can function for 8 minutes of time.

Operating it is a breeze.‌ Simply plug⁢ the heat ⁤tool in, hold the gun without touching the hot nozzle. A distance of 5-6cm should be maintained between the heat gun and your work. Heat at about 45° until the completion​ of ‍the work. Once done, turn off⁤ the power and let it cool down.

A ​few pointers to note: while ⁣the ​gun cannot adjust the temperature, it heats up quickly to approximately 200℃. Therefore, do not aim at ‍your Polymer Clay Works for a long‍ time to avoid⁢ any distortion. ‍This heat ⁤gun, with its 300W low power, is not classified​ as a High Power unit. Yet, it is your best bet for⁢ jobs like heating shrinkable ‍film, embossed powder, rubber stamp;​ it effectively replaces your ‌toaster ⁢or oven. Once‌ done, your polymer clay will turn hard and shiny.

The⁢ package contains: 1 x Hot Air Gun

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