24 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Multi-Tool DIY Repair Kit


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24 in 1 Multi-Tool Magnetic Screwdriver DIY Screw Driver Repair Kit
24 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Multi-Tool DIY Repair Kit $13.99

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Product ‍Name: 25 In 1 ‍Multi-Tool Magnetic Screwdriver Set Alloy Case Repair ‍Kit

Dive into the world of DIY repairs with our 25 in 1 Multi-Tool Magnetic⁤ Screwdriver Set. Housed in a sleek, gray alloy case, this repair kit is your ultimate companion for all your repair needs.

Color: Sophisticated Gray
Material: Durable⁤ Chromium Vanadium Alloy Steel
Storage Box Material: Robust Aluminium ⁣Alloy
Handle Length:‌ 125 ​mm
Bits Size: 4 x 28​ mm
Storage Box​ Size(L*W*H):‍ 168 x⁣ 66 ‍x 16 mm

The set includes‍ 24⁤ precision batch ​heads:
●Model T Bit(T2/ T3/⁤ T4/ ⁣T5/ T6/ T8/⁣ T10/ T15) – Perfect for disassembling smartphones, ⁢notebooks, hard drives,​ computers, game handles, razors, and more.
●Word Bit ​(SL1.5/ SL2.0/ SL3.0/ SL4.0) – The go-to batch head for precision instruments.
●Five⁢ Star Bit(P2 / P5) -⁣ Ideal for dismantling Apple Mobile Phone/Computer.
●Model Y⁤ Bit(Y1) ‌- Your tool for dismantling ​game consoles (GB, GBA, ‍NSDL/WII).
●Cross Bit (PH000 ​/ PH00 / PH0 / PH1‌ / ​PH2) – ⁤A versatile tool suitable for​ disassembly and⁢ assembly of most household ‍appliances.
●Hex ⁤Bit(H1.5/ H2.0) – The perfect ‍tool for disassembling UAV, ​model, engine, ⁣guns, props, bicycle ⁤lights.
●Triangular Bit(2.3) – Designed for the removal of small household appliances, mainly for internal⁣ triangle screw.
●Model U Bit(U2.6)‍ – Your go-to tool for removing electrical products such as​ plug-in​ boards.

●Aluminum Alloy ⁢Storage Box -⁤ High-precision one ‌molding process, rounded edge of the arc, comfortable grip, surface ⁣sandblasting anode⁢ treatment, anti-corrosion anti-corrosion.
●8 Kinds of High-precision Batch ‍of Screwdriver – ‌Suitable for most daily necessities such⁣ as‍ quartz watches, ⁣cameras, radios, computers, mobile ⁣phones‍ and other conventional household appliances.
●24 Precision ‌Batch ⁣Heads – ⁤High precision bite, Double rust treatment, Hard and not brittle, tough and durable.
●Magnetic Tips – Make your repairing ‍works easier with our professional electronics screwdrivers set. All bits are housed in an alloy ‍case, making it convenient​ and portable.
●Alloy Handle – ​Anodic oxidation treatment, special anti-skid handling, rotary cap design.

Package Includes:
1 x Handle
24 x Batch Heads
1 x Storage Box