250W 220V Hand-held Power Tools: Cement Vibrating Troweling Machine and Concrete Vibrators


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220V 250W Hand-held Cement Vibrating Troweling Machine Concrete Vibrators Power Tools
250W 220V Hand-held Power Tools: Cement Vibrating Troweling Machine and Concrete Vibrators $144.99

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Introducing the 220V 250W 200kgf 2840RPM Table Motion Concrete Vibrator Motor, a must-have tool for any construction project.⁢

Material: A robust⁢ combination of Iron, Copper, and Steel
Color: A vibrant mix of colors
Size: Compact dimensions of approximately 28*22.5*22cm
Voltage: 220V
Rated Current: 0.67A
Frequency: 50HZ
Vibration Force: Powerful 200kgf
Motor Power: 250W
Rotary Speed: High-speed 2840 RPM
Application: Ideal for Construction, Highway, Bridge, Dam, and Port projects

Package Includes: 1 x Concrete vibrator. (We will send an adapter suitable for your‌ country, so no worries ⁢there!)

This concrete vibrator​ motor is efficient and ⁣stable, with a steel core for ‍high hardness. It boasts a‍ long service life‌ and requires minimal maintenance. Despite its lightweight design, it delivers both small and large volume vibration.

The machine’s shell is made of durable cast iron, while the handle is crafted from high-strength plastic.‍ The entire machine is designed for total closure and high strength, making it easy to disassemble and repair.

This portable concrete polisher comes with an ⁢eccentric mass installed, making it suitable for the power of the motor at two ends of turning axles of one phase, three-phase asynchronous motors.

It can serve as ‌a ⁣vibrating source for vibrating conveyors,‍ vibrating feeders,‍ vibrating screens, filters, concrete ⁣forms, vibrating polishers, vibrating driers, and close-proof devices for blocks during vibrating and more.