25V 3/8Inch Electric Impact Hammer Screwdriver Drill Cordless Rechargeable with 2 Battery


25V 3/8Inch Cordless Rechargeable Electric Impact Hammer Screwdriver Drill W/ 2 Battery
25V 3/8Inch Electric Impact Hammer Screwdriver Drill Cordless Rechargeable with 2 Battery $66.99$69.99

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Dive ‌into the details of our Functional Impact ⁤Drill, available in ⁢both Electric Drill options. Choose from either a US or EU plug to suit your needs. This drill is powered by a 25V battery, and we provide​ two batteries for your convenience.

The input voltage is a standard 100-240V, and the battery has a capacity of 8000mAh. The torque⁢ ranges‍ from 30NM to 45NM, and the drill itself measures approximately 18.5x17cm/ 7.28×6.69″.

The drill ​offers two speed options:‍ 0-550r/min and 0-1550r/min. You can choose from four‍ types: A: EU Plug with 2 Speed, B: US Plug with ⁤2 Speed, C: EU Plug with 3 Function, and ‌D: US Plug with 3 Function.

This drill is packed with features to make your work easier and more efficient.‍ It has 25+3 torque settings for precise control, whether you’re drilling wood, metal, or a wall, or driving screws. The bit is locked through the rotating chuck, and the drill ‌has LED lights for those dark working environments.‌

The 2-speed function is easily controlled with a one-key switch on ​the top‍ of the machine. ‍”1″ is ⁢for ‍low speed, and “2” is for high speed. The speed control switch increases with the speed of the drill.

The drill can ⁢rotate ​both clockwise ​and ⁢anticlockwise, ‌and only a slight push is needed to change the direction. It’s perfect for DIY projects, home and general⁤ building, and engineering use.

This drill⁤ is smart and efficient, with stepless speed change and high torque function. It has a duplex bearing for stable operation and is waterproof (note: the Li-battery part is not⁤ waterproof).

The package includes 1 Electric Drill/ Functional Impact Drill (optional), 2 batteries, 1 adapter power cable,‍ and 1 drill.