2pcs 250mm Length Sturdy Joint Metal Measurement Caliper For Inside Outside Silver


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2pcs 250mm Length Firm Joint Metal Measurement Inside Outside Caliper Silver
2pcs 250mm Length Sturdy Joint Metal Measurement Caliper For Inside Outside Silver $13.99

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Unveiling the Product: ​A ‍Pair of 250mm Firm Joint Metal ⁤Measurement Inside and‌ Outside Calipers in Silver
Exciting Features: The set comes with ‌a pair of silver-toned ‍metal inside and outside calipers—perfect tools for‍ precisely gauging‍ the external and ​internal dimensions of an⁤ object. ‍These firm joint⁣ calipers are ‌equipped with friction at the joint to ensure stability in⁤ positioning of the⁣ legs.
The outside calipers come​ in handy when ‍you need to measure the thickness and exterior diameters of objects. On the flip side, the ⁢inside​ calipers are great for assessing hole diameters and spacing between surfaces. Designed with straight legs that flare outward at‍ the top, these calipers are​ just the tools you need for acquiring inside measurements.
Nitty Gritty Details: Made of sturdy steel, ⁢these calipers sport a stylish silver tone. Each blade ⁤has a maximum​ width of 15mm and the total size of each ‍caliper is 250x15mm or approximately ‌9.84×0.59 inches (Length x Blade Width). Each caliper‍ weighs in at a reasonable 153g.
Instructions: The calipers are simple‍ to use.

  1. Place the measuring surface of the outer‌ calipers foot against ⁤a ruler. Take the size from the engraved line on the other foot. The ‌connecting measuring surfaces should be parallel to the ruler. The same method is used for inner calipers.
  2. For caliper measurement, take the‌ center distance of the outer circle, ensuring the foot measuring surface is perpendicular to the circle’s axis. Lastly, measure the hole ⁣diameter by⁤ positioning ​the foot vertical measuring surface to intersect with the bore axis.
    Keeping it Perfect:‌ Please remember to adjust the size opening tip by tapping the caliper’s medial and lateral sides. Avoid knocking the‌ calipers to⁣ maintain the precision of measurements.
    The⁢ Package: The ⁤package arrives with a pair of Outside Inside Calipers only.
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