2pcs P6060 60MHz Oscilloscope PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable


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2pcs P6060 Oscilloscope 60MHz PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable
2pcs P6060 60MHz Oscilloscope PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable $14.99

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Product Name:
Stepping into the realm of professional measurements with the 2pcs P6060 Oscilloscope 60MHz x1 x10 600V PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable.

Product Specifications:
– Attenuation Ratio:
Flip seamlessly between 1x/10x according to your need.
– Input Resistance:
Features 1MΩ and 10MΩ resistance.
– Input Capacitance:
1X option ranges from 85pF-135pF and 10X ranges from 18.5pF-22.5pF, in addition to 16pF-20pF.
– Bandwidth:
Offers DC-6MHz at 1x and DC-20MHz at 10x.
It further scales up to a whopping 200MHz!
– Rise Time:
Incredibly swift with 1X:≤58ns and 10X:≤17.5ns.
– Working Voltage:
Safe operating at 1X:≤300V DC & 10X:≤600V DC.
– Operational Parameters:
Effortlessly operates between -10℃—+50℃.
– Non-operational Parameters:
Can withstand temperatures from -20℃– to +75℃.
– Humidity:
Remains undeterred under ≤85% relative humidity.
– Cable Length:
Ample length of 120cm for easy maneuverability.

Package Contains:
2 x P6060 Oscilloscope Clips Probes for all your probing needs.

Product Imagery:
Take a detailed look at the P6060 Oscilloscope Clip Probes from every angle: