2pcs PKCATI p6040 Oscilloscope BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable with 40MHz Bandwidth


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2pcs p6040 Oscilloscope 40MHz PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable
2pcs PKCATI p6040 Oscilloscope BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable with 40MHz Bandwidth $14.99

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Product Description
Delve into accuracy with a set of 2pcs P6040 Oscilloscope 40MHz x1 x10 600V PKCATI BNC Clip Probes Clip Cable.

Attenuation Ratio
Experience virtually unparalleled precision with an attenuation ratio of 1x/10x.
Input Resistance
Opt for exactness with a 1MΩ
10MΩ input resistance.
Input Capacitance
The probes showcase exceptional input capacitance readings with 1X:85pF-135pF 10X:18.5pF-22.5pF and 16pF-20pF.
Compensation Range
Offering a comprehensive compensation range of 15pF-45pF and 10Pf-35pF.

Supports a wide variety of bandwidth frequencies including 1X:DC-6MHz, 10X:DC-20MHz, 40MHz, 60MHz, 100MHz, 150MHz, and 200MHz.
Rise Time
There’s minimal lag with rise times of 1X: ≤58ns, 10X: ≤17.5ns, ≤8.75ns, ≤5.8ns, ≤3.5ns, ≤2.3ns, and ≤1.75ns.
Working Voltage
Operating on a working voltage of 1X: ≤300V DC to 10X: ≤600V DC.

Operating Temperature
Resilient in all environments with an operational temperature range of -10℃ to +50℃.
Non-Operating Temperature
When not in use, the probes manage stable in conditions from -20℃ to +75℃.
Humidity is no deterrent with a tolerance of up to 85% relative humidity.
Cable Length
Experience the flexibility and ease of use with a cable length of 120cm.

What’s in the Box?
Each set contains 2 x p6040 Oscilloscope Clip Probes.

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