2PCS Premium TV Safety Straps – Secure Anti-Tip Television Locks


These TV Straps keep children safe from falling furniture or appliances
The straps are durable and adjustable as well to suit the user’s needs
They are easy to install and ideal for reducing damage during earthquakes
Material: Metal / Width: 2.4 cm
Total Length (adjustable): 38 to 56 cm
Package Contents:

2 x TV Straps
1 Set Mounting Accessories

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TV Straps 2PCS Safety Locks
2PCS Premium TV Safety Straps - Secure Anti-Tip Television Locks $19.90

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Product⁤ Description:

TV Straps 2PCS Safety ‍Locks

Ensure the stability of your⁤ home appliances and furniture with our TV Straps 2PCS Safety​ Locks. These straps, designed ‌for durability and easy installation, provide ⁣a reliable solution ⁤to ⁤prevent your items from toppling⁤ over, be⁣ it due to natural calamities or human-induced accidents.

The instability‌ of furniture and ⁤appliances like TVs ⁣often⁢ poses a ⁤risk, ⁢especially in homes with young children. Not ⁢only​ can falling furniture cause extensive damage to the⁣ items, but it ‍can also present a ⁢significant safety hazard. Enhance the safety ‌of your home by securing your items with our TV straps.‍

Usage of the Product:

These straps offer⁣ a multitude of⁢ uses. Primarily, they effectively secure furniture and appliances in place. Each ⁢set contains two straps, ensuring that the⁤ item is held steady from multiple‍ points and thus further ⁢reducing the risk ⁣of toppling over. They can be used to⁣ secure various appliances⁢ such as TVs, which children often ​reach for, and even⁣ fitted on⁣ furniture like cabinets ⁣and racks ‌that ⁣may pose a risk of falling over.

Moreover, these straps‌ are not only useful⁢ for childproofing your home but ‍are also‍ ideal for preventing damage during natural disasters.⁤ Earthquakes, in particular, can ⁤cause items to fall and topple over, leading to significant‍ damage. ⁣

Durability and Installation:

One of the standout features of these straps is their robustness, allowing⁤ them to ⁣support the weight of items ‍effectively. In‌ addition, they are straightforward to install. To set ‌them up, ⁤simply fasten one end of the strap to ​your furniture‍ or appliance and attach the other end to a fixed surface like‍ a ⁢wall or sturdy table.

The straps are also ⁤adjustable ⁣in length, offering⁣ flexibility in positioning your items at home without ‍any⁤ hassle.

Invest in secured home⁣ safety with our TV Straps⁢ 2PCS Safety Locks and minimize ⁢the risk of untoward incidents with your household ‌appliances and furniture.