3-in-1 Metal Stand with Herb Pots for Indoor/Outdoor Gardening


These Herb Pots comes with three individual pots and a metal stand for them
They are suitable for growing herbs and other mini plants both indoors and outdoors
It is space-efficient thanks to the metal stand that elevates the pots
Material: Ceramic, Metal / Pot Size: 5.8 x 8 cm
Pots and Stand Size: 15  x10.5 x 11 cm
Package Contents:

3 x Herb Pots (Plants not Included)
1 x Metal Stand

Herb Pots 3-in-1 with Metal Stand
3-in-1 Metal Stand with Herb Pots for Indoor/Outdoor Gardening $35.39

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Introducing the 3-in-1 Herb Pots with sleek Metal Stand for home garden needs. Perfect for growing savory herbs convenient for cooking, these pots are a stylish addition to both your indoor and outdoor spaces. The benefit of growing your herbs at home means fewer trips to the grocery store and assurance of chemical-free produce, providing both practicality and convenience.

Designed for space efficiency, each set includes three pots compactly arranged on a layered metal stand. This feature allows you to maximize your garden area without compromise. These pots on a stand don’t come with plants; you can customize these with your preferred herbs. Their open design means easy access sunlight, crucial for healthy plant growth, whether placed inside or outside the house.

These herb pots are not just functional but decorative as well. Their minimalist design adds a fresh ambiance within your home, along with the priceless benefit of clean, fresh air from the live plants. These pots are removable from the metal stand, which allows easy care for each individual plant depending on its unique needs. To ensure the plants’ optimal growth, it is recommended to choose herbs that naturally grow small and compact roots, preventing overgrowth and promoting health.