3-in-1 Portable Air Quality Meter: Detects CO, Tests Temperature & Humidity


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3-in-1 Portable Air Quality Meter: Detects CO, Tests Temperature & Humidity $15.99

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This detector is equipped with a color display that concurrently measures and displays the concentration of CO, temperature, and humidity. Enjoy enhanced accuracy through its high-precision electrochemical sensors, designed for high sensitivity and outstanding interference resistance. The detector’s performance is characterized by stability and low power consumption. It supports a hazard level alarm and a real voice alarm function, available in both Chinese and English. The hazard ranking function effectively reflects different levels of air quality through various colors, making the current condition visually precise. Its flexible functionality is well suited for agricultural planting, greenhouse vegetables, production warehouse, material management, home interiors, and business offices.


  • 3in1 Air Quality Tester: The detector offers a simultaneous measurement and display of CO, temperature, and humidity. Engineered with a folding stand and lanyard hole at the back, you can easily use and transport this lightweight detector.
  • High Accurate Sensors: High-precision electrochemical sensors offer advanced sensitivity, exceptional interference resistance and stable functionality, all while operating on low power consumption.
  • Digital Color Display: The large digital color display ensures clarity while viewing data without any screen dazzling. The monitor also features an electric quantity display function.
  • Low Power Mode: The power button lets you switch off the display and engage low power mode, offering about 45 days of continuous monitoring.
  • Dual Alarm Modes: A hazard level alarm and real voice alarm function (available in Chinese and English) is supported. The hazard ranking function captures the different qualities of air being monitored using unique colors, offering a vivid and precise representation of current air conditions.
  • Nice Heat Dissipation: This device has multiple ventilation holes for effective detection by speeding up air-to-machine convection. This design also facilitates efficient heat dissipation.
  • Wide Applications: Provides real-time detection and automatic data updates. Ideal for use in agriculture planting, greenhouse vegetable farming, warehouse production, material processing, home interior monitoring, and office spaces.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: 4 Options Available
  • Battery: Includes a 1000mAh Lithium Battery
  • Display: Digital Color Display
  • Sensors: Electrochemical Sensor
  • Temperature Measurement Range: 0-99℃
  • Humidity Measurement Range: 20-80%RH
  • Carbon Monoxide Measurement Range: 0-1000PPM
  • Pre-heating Time: 120s
  • Charging Mode: 5V Type-C
  • Size: 84 * 55 * 20mm / 3.31 * 2.17 * 0.79in
  • Weight: 78g / 2.75ounce
  • Package Size: 112 * 112 * 27mm / 4.41 * 4.41 * 1.06in
  • Package Weight: 160g / 5.64ounce

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