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3-in-1 SUNKKO 797DH Spot Welding Machine with Universal Pen for Phones and Notebooks


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SUNKKO 797DH 3 Modes in 1 3.8kw Spot Welding Machine W/ Universal Welding Pen for Phone Notebook
3-in-1 SUNKKO 797DH Spot Welding Machine with Universal Pen for Phones and Notebooks $443.99$449.99

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Product Name: SUNKKO 797DH 3.8KW Spot Welding Machine

Product Specifications:
This top-notch spot welding machine possesses an effective welding part powered by an AC voltage of 220V / 110V±20V. Equipped with excellent features like a power output of 3.8KW (instantaneously) and a robust welding current of 500A, it delivers precise performance.

Flexible Pulse Time Settings:
The machine allows variable pulse time settings, ranging from 1-10ms, 2-20ms, to 8-80ms. It can skillfully handle welding thickness ranging from 0.05 -0.2mm, making it exceptionally versatile.

Advanced Welding Pen:
The featured welding pen boasts an excellent total length of ≤580mm with a cable cross-section of 16mm2. Designed with a welding needle size of 1.5mmx7mm, the pen can output an impressive welding pulse current of 800A.

Overall Dimensions and Weight:
Compact and manageable, the welding machine measures 140 x 245 x 200mm in size and has a light net weight of 7kg, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

Unique Features:

  1. Ideal for mass production, thanks to its foot pedal welding feature.
  2. The machine has a color display for micro-computer control up to level 199 (991; 992). Users can choose between 1 or 2 pulses for speedier welding.
  3. It boasts of three intelligent frequency conversion pulse spot welder modes: Pull down welding, Line control spot welding, and Movable welding.
  4. Designed for ultimate convenience, there is a choice between fixed welding head and movable welding pen modes to suit small components and large parts.

Comprehensive Package:
The SUNKKO spot welding machine comes with a rich assortment of components, including a user manual, self-installing pedal device, Bakelite workstation, 70B welding pen, four welding needles, a fixed wrench, foot pedal switch, two protective tubes, an electric grinding machine, a battery holder for six 18650 pieces, and a hundred nickel samples.