3 Inch Stainless Steel Sewage Gate Valve with EPDM Mixing Plate


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DN65 3 Inch Upvc EPDM Stainless Steel Sewage Gate Valve Industry Pull Plate Mixing Valve 0.35Mpa
3 Inch Stainless Steel Sewage Gate Valve with EPDM Mixing Plate $42.99

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Product ⁣Name: DN65 3” UPVC EPDM Stainless Steel Sewage Gate⁣ Valve

Description: This is⁤ a DN65 3” UPVC EPDM ​stainless steel sewage gate valve, a robust and reliable choice⁣ for industrial applications. ⁢It’s a UPVC pull plate mixing valve with a working pressure of 0.35Mpa.

Color: Dark gray matt
Material: UPVC+EPDM+Stainless Steel
Type: DN65
Port size: 3”
Width: ‍10.3cm
Height:⁢ 24cm
Inner diameter: 75mm
Outer diameter: 83mm
Working Pressure: 0.35Mpa

Applications: This versatile valve can be used‍ in a variety of settings,⁣ including:
A. Chemical pipes
B.‌ Bamboo pipes
C.⁢ Sewage treatment
D. Beverage ⁢delivery
E. Seawater transport
F. Water supply and drain pipes
G. Environmental engineering pipes
H. High-pressure extinguishing pipes
I. Tap water and ultrapure water transport
J. Air conditioning engineering piping

– The⁤ working pressure can reach up ‌to 1.6Mpa.
– ⁢This product is a UPVC gate valve with excellent ⁢corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, and impact ‍resistance.
– It offers low fluid resistance, wide use temperature, long service life, and easy installation.

Package Includes: 1X UPVC Sewage Gate Valve

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