3-Piece Kitchen Serving Tongs Utensil Set


Serving tongs with an easy-grip handle and a wide, non-slip tip with groves
Perfect for serving food, for tossing salad, serving pasta, etc
Made from food-grade material, non-toxic, and dishwasher safe
Not suitable for cooking and grilling
Material: Plastic
Package Content:

1 x Large Tong (Length: 10 inches)
1 x Medium Tong (Length: 8 inches)
1 x Small Tong (Length: 6 inches)

Serving Tongs Kitchen Utensil (3pcs)
3-Piece Kitchen Serving Tongs Utensil Set $16.45

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Product Description: Serving Tongs Kitchen Utensil (3-Pack)

This three-piece set of serving tongs is an essential kitchen tool designed for optimal hygiene and efficiency. The tongs prevent double-dipping and cross-contamination when a large group of people are sharing meals, making them ideal for parties and big gatherings.

The serving tongs come in three sizes, each showcasing a different shade of the same colour, adding a vibrant touch to your kitchen utensils collection. They are crafted from high-quality, durable plastic material that does not bend or break easily, ensuring longevity.

Designed for convenience, each tong features an ergonomic, easy-grip handle with anti-slip characteristics. The tips of the tongs are broad and grooved for a secure grasp on food. The tongs can be easily nested for compact storage.

These tongs are dishwasher safe, adding to the convenience in cleaning up after meals.

Multi-Purpose Use

The utility of these serving tongs extends beyond just serving. They can be used to easily pick up bread slices, cake slices, pasta, and more. They’re perfect for tossing salads, equipped with a non-sticky silica clamp for adaptable movement.

The tongs ensure sanitary food handling and serving in communal settings, such as house parties and family lunches. They prevent double-dipping, ensuring that shared dishes remain uncontaminated and free of microbes.

Colourful Design

The tongs come in fun and vibrant colours. Each set of three holds different shades of the same hue. The largest tong features the deepest shade, while the mid-sized tong carries a lighter, more vivid colour. In contrast, the smallest tong displays the lightest, pastel shade, adding an element of whimsy to your kitchenware.