308mm Aluminum Octagonal Hand Maracas Shaker


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308mm Aluminum Octagonal Hand Maracas Shaker $15.99$24.99

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This octagonal shaker incorporates plastic and an aluminum shell to create a clear, high-pitched sound. It’s ideal for use in both live performances and studio recordings. The design’s angular shape and larger chamber space result in a sound that is both brighter and more manageable than those produced by traditional round shakers. This makes it a suitable gift for both professional and aspiring musicians alike.


The shaker’s unique octagonal shape creates sharp corners for the internal filling to strike, producing a sound that’s clearer and higher in pitch compared to round shakers.

Its aluminum shell has flat and angled surfaces that can generate a mid to high range tone, allowing the shaker to make a distinct sound in a live or recorded mix.

This instrument is very responsive to hand movements so you can give each piece of music your personal touch with ease and clarity.

Thanks to its large chamber space, the rhythm is straightforward to control. This makes our shaker a great choice for beginners as well as professional drummers or percussionists.

We offer four different lengths to choose from, each of which determines the pitch produced by the shaker.


Size and color may differ slightly due to manual measurements and varying light conditions. Actual products should be taken as accurate.


Length: 128mm/ 157mm/ 198mm/ 308mm (Optional)

Color: Black

Material: Plastic + Aluminum

Diameter: 50mm / 1.97in

Package size and weight vary depending on the product variation, with lengths and weights ranging between 105g / 3.70oz and 211g / 7.44oz, and sizes ranging from 13 * 5 * 5cm / 5.12 * 1.97 * 1.97in to 31 * 5 * 5cm / 12.20 * 1.97 * 1.97in.

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