3mmx5mm Stainless Steel Head Electrical Wire Brush for Dust Burr Removal and Derusting


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3mmx5mm Electrical Wire Brush Stainless Steel Head Removal Dust Burr Derusting Brush
3mmx5mm Stainless Steel Head Electrical Wire Brush for Dust Burr Removal and Derusting $6.99

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Product Name: 3mmx5mm Electrical Wire Brush with Stainless Steel Head

Description: This Electrical Wire Brush is a versatile tool designed for precision cleaning and polishing. With a stainless steel head, it’s perfect for removing dust, burrs, and rust. It’s a popular choice in industries such as microelectronics, jewelry, and mold production, and is also used by various electric tool manufacturers. This brush is ideal for working on small areas of both metal and non-metal materials.

The brush is not just for derusting, but also for deburring, surface polishing, and as a polishing tool.

Specifications: The brush is made from durable stainless steel. It has a brush diameter of 5mm and a shank diameter of 3mm. The total length of the brush is 50mm, with a silk length of 9mm. It comes in a sleek silver color.

Use Scope: This brush is perfect for polishing gold and silver jewelry, watch glasses, Shoushan stone, and other metal surfaces.

1. It effectively removes burrs, rust, and dust, along with the oxide layer.
2. It can improve the quality of metal stone, offering economy and high efficiency.
3. It’s suitable for polishing and grinding all kinds of rough surfaces on wood and metal materials, even at different angles.

Package Included: The package includes 1x Wire brush.

More Details: Please refer to the images below for more detailed views of the Electrical Wire Brush.