4-Inch Round Polishing Sandpaper Disc, 40-2000 Grit with Hook and Loop


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4 Inch Flocking Sandpaper Disc 40-2000 Grit Round Hook and Loop Polishing Sandpaper
4-Inch Round Polishing Sandpaper Disc, 40-2000 Grit with Hook and Loop $5.99

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Description: Discover the‌ versatility‌ of our 4 Inch Flocking Sandpaper Disc. With a range ⁤of 40-2000 Grit, this round hook and loop polishing sandpaper is your go-to tool ​for a variety of projects.

Specification:⁤ This sandpaper disc comes in⁤ a variety of grits: 40/60/100/120/240/320/400/600/800/1000/1500/2000 Grit. It measures 100‍ mm or 4⁣ inches in size and is made‌ from high-quality​ flocking sandpaper.

1. Our sandpaper disc​ comes with different grit pads, perfect for surface preparation and achieving the desired ‍level of smoothness for your ‌project.
2. It⁤ boasts of a featured ore for a long service life.
3. The ‌high-density planting sand ensures superior polishing capacity.
4. It’s the ideal ‌tool for metal processing, ​including cars, motorcycles, painting sheet metal parts, instrumentation, ‌bicycle parts, textile ⁤machinery, medical ‌equipment parts, surface hardware, plumbing equipment, ‌stainless steel utensils, stainless steel ‍sheet, golf head, vacuum and other products ⁣finishing, rounding polishing‌ and more.

Package Included:‌ Your purchase includes 1pcs x Sandpaper.

More Details: Feast⁢ your eyes on‌ the images below to get a better understanding of ⁢our product.