40-Piece Welding Torch Plasma Consumables Kit: Nozzle and Electrode Cup


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40Pcs Welding Torch Plasma Consumables Nozzle Electrode Cup for LTP5000D LTP6000
40-Piece Welding Torch Plasma Consumables Kit: Nozzle and Electrode Cup $26.99

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Product Overview:

This product comes with features perfectly engineered to ensure seamless operation and a prolonged lifespan. It includes elements ‍such as nozzles and electrodes ​that are made from high-grade copper. Therefore, these add-ons are compatible with the Lotos⁤ model of pilot arc ​plasma cutters like the LTP5000D, LTP6000, and the LTPDC2000D.

Materials & Details:

The materials used for‍ the electrodes and cups ⁢are ⁤copper and ceramic, respectively, ensuring their⁢ durability and high performance. The colors of the included ‌items in the package are attractive silver and ⁢purple.

Dimension Specifications:

The cup comes ​in a size ⁢of⁤ 24mm x ‌26mm, which can hold a considerable amount of plasma. ⁤Plus, the nozzle size reads at 14mm, an ideal size for a steady plasma flow. The electrode is 28mm⁤ x 7mm in size, ensuring effective operation.

Set⁢ Inclusion:

You will receive a set of ⁤40 ⁢pieces, which includes 15 nozzles, 15 electrodes, and 10 ‍cups. This generous amount ensures ​that you have enough quantities to avoid frequent replacements.

Visual Representation:

Each ⁤aspect of the product can ⁤be ‌understood better through the detailed images ⁤attached.⁢ The⁤ number of images‍ provides a comprehensive coverage of all the inclusions, displaying the meticulous attention to ‌detail that ⁢went into making this product.‌ You can view these high-quality⁣ images to understand its design, structure, and ⁢quality better.