41-Piece Lock Practice and Unlocking Tool Kit Set


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41Pcs/45Pcs Unlocking Set Tools Lock Practice Lock Tool Kit
41-Piece Lock Practice and Unlocking Tool Kit Set $33.99$34.99

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Delve into the world of lock picking with our Cutaway Practice Disc ​Type ‍Padlock. This kit, carefully designed for novices, is an incredible teaching and training specimen.

Do you have ​any‌ idle curiosity about how things‌ work? Then, this nifty set​ is manufactured just for you! Each lock is transparent, enabling you to see all ⁣the functioning ‍parts. With each ‌use, you feel the magic ⁣of unlocking something — one pin at a time.

Concerned about durability? Rest assured, all pieces‍ in this multifunctional set⁣ are carved from stainless steel that resists​ rust and‍ withstands the test‍ of time. Every component is in excellent working condition, there are no loose parts or pins that ‌will fall out. The picks have⁢ a⁢ solid, ergonomic handle ⁢design making ​them ultra-convenient to​ operate.

Let’s ⁢delve into ⁣what our 41/45 PCS multifunctional set (you can choose ⁤which one‍ you want) includes:

  1. Double Side Wafers, a versatile⁣ tool designed for automotive locks, desk drawers, filing cabinets, and more!
  2. Rakes,⁢ a lock picking staple‍ that is inserted into the back ​of the lock and quickly ‍pulled out.
  3. Hooks, an excellent tool for single pin picking, a method that requires the effort of lifting each pin individually.
  4. Tension Wrenches, handy for inserting into‌ the bottom of the keyhole. These⁢ are then paired with a pick to lift the pins.
  5. An Auto Tension Tool ​— the automotive variation⁤ of regular tension wrenches and fits most car door cylinders.

In ⁢other words, this versatile package​ contains everything you need while ensuring a robust, hands-on learning experience. Our sets aren’t ⁣just about teaching you a cool skill, they’re about challenging yourself, keeping‌ your brain actively engaged, and encouraging fun in your leisure time. It makes for a ⁤great gift for the elderly⁤ and children alike!

Each set arrives ⁤in vibrant packaging. Options available include either a 41piece or 45piece set. The ⁣choice⁤ is yours!

Detailed images are available for viewing — just‍ SCROLL DOWN!⁢ Take delight in this front row access to high-quality, robust lock picking ⁢materials.

Product specifications:
Material: Titanizing stainless steel, ⁢plastic
Color: As shown in the picture
Product⁤ amount: 41PCS/45PCS(option)
Package Included: Refer to ​the above list based on your ⁤chosen set

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Indulge ‍in⁢ this interactive and instructive⁢ journey through the intricacies of the lock. Order your set today!