48PCS Mini Air Sander Car Polisher 1” 2” 3” Dual Action Random Orbital Sander


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48PCS Mini Air Sander 1'' 2'' 3'' Dual Action Random Orbital Sander Car Polisher
48PCS Mini Air Sander Car Polisher 1'' 2'' 3'' Dual Action Random Orbital Sander $49.99

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Introducing the 48PCS Mini Air Sander 1” 2” 3” Dual Action Random Orbital Sander Car Polisher. This electric polisher is a versatile tool, perfect for use on cars, glass, hardware, furniture, plastics, and paint grinding polishing products.

One of its standout features is the universal and self-adhesive polishing pad. This pad can be paired with flat, wave, or wool polishing sponges or pads. The adjustable speed, with a maximum of 15000 RPM, provides the power to complete polishing, waxing, and vehicle cleaning tasks quickly and with less effort than traditional hand methods.

The design of this polisher is ergonomic, making it easy to install and comfortable to hold. It’s perfect for hand-held tasks. The polisher uses a copper wire for strong load capacity and high efficiency. It also boasts low air consumption, low noise, and a long service life.

The kit includes an M6 Thread and a sanding polishing pad for convenient use. The polisher is made from durable aluminum and plastic, and comes in a striking red color. It’s a 1″ 2″ 3″Air Random Orbital Sander with a 1″, 2″, and 3″ sanding pad. The polishing method is eccentric double-rotation.

The polisher has a free speed of 15,000RPM, an air consumption of 4 CFM, an air inlet of 1/4″, and an air pressure of 90 PSI. The exhaust is at the rear end. It’s universally fit and can be used on cars, in woodworking, the furniture industry, hardware, electronic components, and electronic equipment covers, among other applications.

The package includes 1 Electric Polisher, 3 Polishing Pads, 9 Wool Pads, 9 150mm Flat Sponge Pads, 9 150mm Wave Sponge Pads, 15 Sanding Papers, 1 M6 Thread, and 1 Screwdriver.