4V Household Cordless Electric Screwdriver with LED Light, USB Rechargeable Drill Driver


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4V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Household USB Rechargeable Electric Drill Driver W/ LED Light
4V Household Cordless Electric Screwdriver with LED Light, USB Rechargeable Drill Driver $73.99

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Exciting Details: Product Attributes:

Purpose: The ​perfect ‍companion for your home DIY projects.
Maximized‍ Torque: Boasts a solid 4 N/M to get the ⁤job done.
Voltage: Operates at⁣ 4.0V⁣ for an adequate ‍run time.
Speed: Neutral speed is at a steady 200R/min.
Battery: Equipped with a 1500mAh battery for longer usage.
Size: Compact at 115x115mm/4.5×4.5 in.
Rotation: Offers forward‌ and reverse motion for⁣ effortless screwing‍ and unscrewing.

Outstanding Features:

👍Efficient & Secure: It flaunts forward and reverse​ switches for easy screwing and unscrewing operations. With a manual spindle ‍lock for better⁣ control, this ​little‍ powerhouse promises a safe carrying experience. Its comfortable grip‌ allows you flawless execution of intricate work without hand or wrist stress.

🔦LED Flashlight: Equipped⁣ with an automatically activating LED flashlight when the trigger is engaged, it ensures⁣ brilliant visibility​ for your ‍tasks.

🔋Charging Indicator: Keeps you informed about the charging ⁣status of the rechargeable⁢ Li-ion Battery. Its robust 1500mAh Li-Ion battery⁣ keeps your work running till ⁤the ⁤project is finished.

🎁Package Inclusions: Comes packed with a⁣ 4V Power​ Screwdriver, 27 varied drill bits, ⁣and⁢ a USB cable offering a wide range of operational utilities.

💼Cordless⁢ Operation: This‍ cordless ⁣electric ‍screwdriver​ promises maximum maneuverability. It’s perfect⁤ for home renovation projects like laminate flooring⁣ installation, framing, tile ​layout, or simply hanging pictures.

🏠An Essential ‍Tool:⁣ It’s a must-have for everyday household⁢ tasks, including furniture assembly, lighting fixtures, and a variety of other projects such as shelf, ⁤towel bar, ​cabinetry‍ installation, ‌and much more.

💡Storage Bag: A comprehensive ​stoarge bag ensures ⁢all your tools stay in one place, making it convenient to find exactly what you need​ when you need it.

Package Contents:
1x Cordless Electric Screwdriver
4x Adapters
27x Drill⁢ Bits
1x Carry ‌Case
1x USB ⁤Cable
1x User’s Manual (English)

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