5-Piece Plasma Cutter Set: Nozzles, Electrodes, Cups for LTP Models


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5Pcs Nozzles/Electrodes/Cups Plasma Cutter Part For LTP5000D LTPDC2000 LTPAC2500
5-Piece Plasma Cutter Set: Nozzles, Electrodes, Cups for LTP Models $7.99$8.99

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Dive deep into the specifics of our product with this comprehensive listing of specifications. Embodied in our finely crafted electrodes is an unyielding alloy material, steadfast in delivering an impeccable performance. The electrodes are paired with a beautifully designed cup fashioned from prime-quality ceramic material. Offering a captivating blend of Purple and Silver colors, these pieces have sizes that provide a snug fit – an essential aspect of any top-tier product.

Speaking of sizes, the cup measures 23mm by 22mm, while the nozzle stands proudly at 21mm by 10mm. Additionally, the electrode also boasts a size of 28mm by 3mm. What sets these nozzles and electrodes apart is the genuine, 100% copper alloy that’s been masterfully used to build them. They’ve been tailored with exquisite precision for specific models of the Lotos Pilot arc plasma cutter: LTP5000D, LTPDC2000, and LTPAC2500.

The package includes a choice of 5 Pieces each of Cups, Nozzles, and Electrodes; you are absolutely in control here.

Option A: 5 Piece Set of Cups
Option B: 5 Piece Set of Electrodes
Option C: 5 Piece Set of Nozzles

To provide a visual treat along with our product details, we’ve also included a series of detailed images. Have a sneak peek at our collection right here!