5-Piece Set of 4-Flute Carbide Tungsten Steel End Mill Bits


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5-Piece Set of 4-Flute Carbide Tungsten Steel End Mill Bits $13.99$61.99

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This product features a set of 12 versatile CNC bits. These bits incorporate three types of spiral flute designs and are perfect for milling, CNC, or cutting machines. Moreover, the 2D/3D carving, spiral blade with a razor-sharp end, enables you to cut and engrave efficiently.

Thanks to their spiral design, the CNC bits offer ample space for swift and clean chip removal. They result in a high level of efficiency and stability, and their design prevents blade sticking or crumb creation. You’ll achieve an excellent finish on the high-side and bottom with proper processing.

Built from top-quality, heat-treated tungsten carbide, the milling cutter set has a high-quality finish that ensures optimal toughness and resistance. Its sharp and sturdy design provides long-lasting usage.

With a 1/8inches(3.175mm) shank, these solid power tool carbide router bits offer strong compatibility with most small rotary tools. These bits are fantastic for woodworking, drilling, carving, and engraving, simplifying woodworking jobs for DIY carving enthusiasts.

The CNC bits are widely used for cutting, carving, chamfering, engraving, hollowing, and the like, functioning like most US router bits. You can use them on acrylic, resin, metal, aluminium, all kinds of wood, veneer board and various boards, PP, PA PCB, PVC, MDF, and several other precision parts.


Material: Tungsten Steel

Cut End: Single Flute, Double Flute

Shank Diameter: 1/8 inch (3.175mm)

Cutting Edge Diameter: 1/8 inch (3mm), 1/16 inch (2mm)

Cutting Edge Length: 17mm/0.7in, 8mm/0.3in

Overall Length: 38mm/1.5in

Packing Case: 98*65*10mm/3.9*2.6*0.4in

Packing List

4 * Double Flute Milling Cutter

4 * 3mm Single Edged Milling Cutter

4 * 2mm Single Edged Milling Cutter

1 * Plastic Case