50-Pack of Durable Plastic Welding Rods for PPR, PP, PVC Welding


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50PCS Plastic Welding Rods PPR PP PVC Plastic Welding Sticks with Corrosion Resistance
50-Pack of Durable Plastic Welding Rods for PPR, PP, PVC Welding $9.99

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Product Details:

Keep an eye out for an amazingly practical tool that showcases a perfect amalgamation of ingenuity and practicality. Our product assures toxic-free, tasteful usage while maintaining a low density.

Its high resistance against acid, alkali and corrosion further elevates its functional factor. It doesn’t stop there; it also boasts impressive electrical properties and insulation against humidity at high frequencies. But do remember, it might get brittle under low temperatures and is susceptible to wear and ageing.

Above all, it’s straightforward to use. It stands as an ideal material for creating general mechanical parts and corrosion-resistant components, as well as excellent insulating parts.

Its applicability extends to the manufacturing of PVC sheets, pipe products, a range of chemical equipment, common anti-corrosion machinery and other welding objectives.

Let’s dive into its specifications:

Material: Composed of sturdy, reliable PPR, PP, PVC plastic.

Color codes: Here’s a fun bit; you’ve got options. White signifies PPR, Green stands for PVC, Blue, Yellow and Red for PP.

Length: This tool is approximately 25 cm long, making it convenient and manageable.

The batch you’ll be receiving will contain 50 pieces of plastic welding rods. That’s 10 of each color!

Detailed visuals below: