51-Piece Mixed Plastic Gear Set with Gearbox, Spindle, Pulley Belt, and Worm Rod


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51pcs Mixed Plastic Gear Gearbox Package Kit Spindle gear Rack Pulley Belt Worm Rod Set
51-Piece Mixed Plastic Gear Set with Gearbox, Spindle, Pulley Belt, and Worm Rod $8.99

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Product ⁢Name: Mixed Plastic Gear Gearbox Package Kit

Description: This⁣ 51-piece mixed plastic gear gearbox package⁢ kit is a⁤ treasure trove of ‌components ‌for ‍your DIY projects. It‌ includes a​ variety of gears such as spindle gear, rack,⁤ pulley belt,​ and worm rod, making it a perfect fit⁤ for toy motor cars and‍ other gear-based ⁣creations.

Material: Plastic
Color: Vibrant and varied
Quantity: 51 pieces (43 different types)

The kit includes:
– Single-layer gears: 9 types
– Crown gears: ⁤4 types
– Double speed gears: 7⁢ types
– Pulleys: 7 types
– Worms, sleeves, racks: 4 types
– Rubber bands: 1 type (four models)

– The gears in this kit are designed to⁣ fit 2mm tight,‌ 2mm loose,⁤ 2.5mm, and 3mm ⁤fittings. (A denotes tight fit,​ B denotes loose fit)
– This kit is ideal for assembling cars, model toys, and providing parts support for a‍ complete ⁢model.
– The package includes all necessary accessories such as ‌spindle, single/double crown gear, pulley, rack, ⁤bevel gear, copper ⁣gear, bushings, axles, tires, rubber bands, and more.
-⁢ With 43 different types and a total of 51 colorful‌ gears, this single motor gear‍ package is versatile and comprehensive.
– Not ‌only can you⁢ use it to repair toys, but it⁤ also makes a fun and educational gift for kids.
– It’s perfect for DIY science projects, small production, product design, and mechanical model creation.

Package Includes: 1 x Gear Set

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