5pcs Wood Carving Knife: Hand Tool Craft Chip Cutter Whittling Woodworking Chisel


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5pcs Wood Carving Knife Chisel Woodworking Whittling Cutter Chip Craft Hand Tool
5pcs Wood Carving Knife: Hand Tool Craft Chip Cutter Whittling Woodworking Chisel $22.99

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Product Name: Chip Carving ​Tool ​Set

Description: This chip carving tool set is a must-have for any woodworking enthusiast. It ‌comes‌ complete⁤ with a leather belt​ and‍ polishing ‍compound, ensuring your tools are always sharp and ready for use. The tools feature razor-sharp ‌blades made from ⁤hard carbon steel, known⁢ for its high strength ‍and hardness. The ergonomic handles are crafted from oak ‍hardwood, providing a comfortable⁤ grip during use. The ⁣set ​is presented in the color shown in the picture.

-​ Superior Quality: The carving tools are‍ crafted from 65 ⁣high manganese steel, known for its high hardness and corrosion resistance. The handles are ‌made from walnut, a material often used in high-grade​ furniture, ensuring a comfortable grip.
– Variety of Cutters: The set includes three different carving cutters. The⁢ hook ⁤cutter is perfect for concave carving, the sloyd cutter is designed for whittling and roughing out ​wood,‍ and the detail cutter is ideal for delicate wood cutting.
– Sharpness ⁣Maintenance: The set comes with a polishing compound and a leather strop, allowing you ⁣to keep your tools sharp and rust-free, ensuring‍ maximum performance.
-⁣ Essential for Woodworking: This set is a⁢ must-have for anyone interested in woodworking,⁣ whether you’re ‍a professional or a hobbyist.

Package Includes: 1 set ⁤x Chip Carving Tool (5pcs)

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