5Pcs Wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Mijia 1FS/1F+/1P+ Kits Electric Screwdriver


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5Pcs Wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer For Mijia Kits 1FS/1F+/1P+ Electric Screwdriver
5Pcs Wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Mijia 1FS/1F+/1P+ Kits Electric Screwdriver $8.99

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Let’s delve into the product details of the device that will make your DIY and fixing tasks super convenient – The Screwdriver Bits Magnetizer Demagnetizer.

Product’s Name: Screwdriver Bits Magnetizer Demagnetizer
It comes in a sleek Black color that looks both sleek and professional.
Our brand, Wowstick, is part of the XIAOMI ecological chain – a trademark of quality and performance.

The device has two control channels for convenience. One serves as a Magnetizer and the other as a Demagnetizer. Each box comes with 5Pcs of this nifty tool.

One stellar feature of this tool is that it requires no batteries or electricity to function. Thus, it’s easy to use and eco-friendly. Then, its primary function is to magnetize screwdriver tips or equivalent items, making them easy to handle and use. However, it’s not constrained to this particular function only. This tool can also demagnetize any tool or part you want, making it versatile.

It aligns perfectly with the Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver kit, 1fs pro 1p+ Electric screwdriver, and many more similar items.

As for its usage, if you are repairing electric appliances or electronic parts, just insert the screwdriver tip into the ‘-‘ marked end to demagnetize instantly. On the other hand, for easier pickup of screws, insert the screwdriver into the ‘+’ marked end to magnetize.

Take a glance at the pictures below to get a better feel of the product.

Remember, each package includes 5x Xiaomi Wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer units.