60W Electric Solder Iron Kit – 61Pcs Wood Burning Pyrography Tools


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61Pcs 60W Electric Solder Iron Work Wood Burning Pen Tip Kit Pyrography Tool
60W Electric Solder Iron Kit - 61Pcs Wood Burning Pyrography Tools $17.27

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Constructed from top-quality materials ⁣such as Copper, Iron, and Plastic, ⁤this product is‍ an excellent choice for those who delight in woodworking, soldering, and metalwork. Also,​ hobbyists,‍ craft enthusiasts, and homeowners will find this multi-functional tool invaluable.

An array ‍of 54 ⁤different tips are included in this set, providing you with a vast selection to help you create impressive⁢ designs. Featuring a diverse set of 6 stencils, you have an⁢ array‌ of options lined up for ⁢you.

Whether you need to repair electronic gear, RC ⁣toys, circuit boards, or simply feeling creative, this tool is up to the task. The tool’s versatility is highlighted by its usability on all wood types.

The versatile marking tips ‍can ​work with a soldering iron‌ to ⁢burn drawings, letterings,‍ and creating ⁢decorative patterns on wood, leather, and​ cork. It ‌is an Electric Soldering Iron Pen with US Plug/⁢ EU ⁤Plug​ options.

The rubber-handled iron has a variable power setting of ​60W and an operating Voltage of 110V/220V. The Cable Length is approximately 120cm/47.2″, providing ‌ample movement when in operation. The comfortable temperature regulating range⁣ is from 200-450℃.

The tool is suitable for use on cork, leather, some types of papers, wax candles, and ⁢woods such as beech, sycamore, birch or hornbeam. Whether for wood-burning projects ⁢(pyrography), ‌tracing, and staining in your designs, pattern‍ transfers, leatherwork, or‌ cutting foam, its versatility is on full display.

What’s included in the ⁢package? You get ⁣one solid Storage Box, 54 various ⁣Tips, and 6 unique Pyrography Pattern Stencils.

Take‌ a closer look ‍at the tool’s detail pictures:


Isn’t it just a marvel of modern craftsmanship? Perfect ⁢for every⁢ maker, repairer, and DIY enthusiast out there! Ready to turn ‍around your tool world? Simple, just add to cart.