60W Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Wire and Tweezers


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60W 110V/220V Electric Solder Iron Welding Tool Kit Solder Wire Tweezers
60W Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Wire and Tweezers $23.99

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Key Features:

  • Boasting an enhanced heat-resistant material, our 60W 110V soldering iron effectively dissipates heat, keeping the handle cooler and preventing the plastic from melting due to high temperature.
  • Offering adjustable temperatures ranging from 200~450℃, the soldering iron is easy to plug-and-play and comes with a handy LED indicator.
  • With a quick heat-up feature, this soldering iron negates the necessity of a separate soldering station – an assuredly outstanding addition to your tool kit!
  • Included is a desoldering vacuum pump constructed from durable aluminum alloy and plastic. It provides optimal suction, ensuring a smooth and sturdy operation.

Technical Specifications:
Type: Available in US and EU Plug options
Model: 8-in-1 Soldering Iron Set
Material: Iron
Power: 60W
Input Voltage: 110V/220V
Temperature Range: 200 ~ 450 Celsius (392 ~ 842 Fahrenheit)
Soldering Iron Size: 2.4190.9 cm / 7.5″ (DiameterHeight)
Power Cord Length: Approx. 1.4 m / 4.6ft
Carry Case Size: 26
154.3 cm /″ (LengthWidth*Height)

Package Includes:
1 x Soldering Iron
1 x Tin Opener
1 x Soldering Iron Rack
5 x Soldering Tip
1 x Tin Wire
2 x Screwdriver
6 x Welding Tool
2 x Tweezers
1 x Durable Leather Carry Case

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